Sunday, September 26, 2010

the remains

Here are some remaining memories of the cruise. I don't feel like posting individual posts for each, too much work, so we'll run through this quickly.

The Parthenon was closed due to a worker's strike :( But we went to Mars Hill and a really great museum built over a city that is being excavated.

our tour guide had major tacos, poor guy (bottom left corner). We also went to Ladies Beach where there were sooo many people and that evening we watched the World Cup, Spain vs. Netherlands, at a bar then had to run back to the ship when they went into overtime. Luckily everyone else on the ship was watching it in the Theatre so we joined the festivities.

very relaxing day at Paradise beach, James being Daniel Craig and Petros the Pelican, a local celebrity. Nothing better than swimming in the clear Mediterranean sea. Lots of swimming, reading and of course, shopping!

Everyone else went to Pompeii but we wanted an adventure so we went to the little island and rented a scooter! We went to a place called the Grotto Azul (Blue Grotto) where the sunlight illuminates the water in a cave. Capri is known for their fresh lemonade and orange juice, perfect for a HOT Italian day. It was so romantic!

I went a tad crazy with the video camera, just having too much fun! Here's only 2 of the 30 videos I took, oy vey.

I still have our backpacking adventure to go through and post but I need to get ready for church!
Ciao for now xo


Callen and Liz said...

The trip sounds/looks like it was so much fun! So jealous.

Hope you're enjoying OH... miss you!

keri and taylor said...

Um so fun! I am so unbelievably jealous!