Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Let's get down to business. I underestimated you and your awesomeness. Neida, our guide, was so nice and the shopping!!! Seriously now. I should have bought that tile set from the little store next to the Sultan's palace. I definitely regret that. Could you send it to me? Please? I beg you. I think about your tiles far more than is necessary.

When I'm a famous interior designer you will be my inspiration for the kitchen. Your TILES! Ugh. I'm having a hard time getting over you. I need to pull myself together.

Waking up to the call to prayer was sweet. It reminded me of Israel. A few of your 3,000 mosques and a group of Turkish dancers with a legit band greeted us as we walked off the ship. That was exciting and made up for the rain. Remember how you are located in 2 different continents? I sure do. That still blows my mind. Taksin was so fun and John and James got their toys. Too bad John's broke so fast.

Haggia Sophia and the Blue Mosque were to die for. And the Sultan's Palace was straight from Alladin. I've always wanted to be Jasmine but the blonde hair and pasty skin makes that a little difficult. You know who would be a good Jasmine? Kim Kardashian. Just a thought.

The Turkish rug shop was killer. It's always nice to have a father in law who has connections. :) Did I tell you that I got to help make a rug? A genuine Turkish rug! Wowza, check that one off the list.

Istanbul, you fulfilled my expectations and then blew them out of the water. Thank you and I will be back soon with a credit card.

Krystal R. Webb

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Greg & Whit said...

I have to stop reading your blog. I am getting far too jealous. And yes, Kim would make an excellent Jazmin. Can I still be Pocohontas (sp?)??