Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey hey Equinox!

Life just isn't as fun without you around! Say hi to Tony, Big E, Kevin, "The Mavrick" Jamie Allen and the rest of the gang for me. Wow, life without you has been hard. No room service at 3 am and get this, I even have to make my own bed and meals now. I know, craze.

I totally miss boucle ball on the lawn, even though John and James kick my butt. I'm not getting as many naps in now that I have no Solarium. I need a Solarium...correction, everyone needs a Solarium. Oh and the sunsets here don't even compare to yours! I mean seriously, I haven't even watched a sunset since I left you. Oy vey.

I'm definitely not eating as much now though. That's good but I miss your food. I haven't had plank grilled salmon with honey dijion sauce and steamed veggies or coconut sorbet once! I know Phil is really missing his coconut.

We had some good times didn't we? Andrew's birthday was great, thanks for the orange life preserver. And the World Cup...I mean cummon! That was awesome! Wow, you sure know how to party. Like when you gave James that Mojito or when Jamie totally made a fiasco of his show or how bought the time James and Andrew came out in their new speedos! Good times.

Hope to see you soon!
Styles and Dog

There used to be a video of Andrew and James in their Italian speedos but Andrew took it down because it was inappropriate. I have officially been censored.

Ole, ole, ole, ole

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Cicely said...

I'm really glad you were Censored. ;)