Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

so excited for this!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is having a Christmas devotional tonight at 6:00 pm MST that won't leave you wanting! It is the perfect way to ring in December and this Christmas season.  I am so excited to curl up by the fire tonight with my sweetie and my little miss and listen to beautiful music and hear words of our Savior. I couldn't ask for a better evening.

stunning! can't wait to go to the lights this year

I guess recently having a baby makes me super emotional anyways but when I see this painting I get a little teary eyed. Oh Mary, how I love you. 
And really, how many times have I done this exact same thing to SiSi since she's been born? 

free printable here

"Merry Christmas everybody!!!"
"Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!"
guess where that's from...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Siena's blessing

Last Sunday, November 11th, A blessed our little Miss and it was beautiful. He spoke about her tenderness and independence, the joy that she will bring to those around her and that in her life she will experience miraculous things, just to name a few. It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely her.

Our families braved a terrible snow storm to be in Heber at 9 am. The things they do for us :)

the menu was an awesome mix of breakfast foods... a parfait bar, mini quiches, hot chocolate mini cupcakes, pastries, powdered donuts (please don't leave me Hostess!!!), crock pot hot cocoa, fresh fruit and the cutest chocolate covered pretzels ever made by Mary Ann. Thank you to everyone for helping out!
we didn't take a ton of photos but these are just a few of the family members.

the many faces of SiSi.

Here's the best photo of her whole outfit. She looked pretty cute if I do say so.

Happy day, happy family.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

update by photos

A, SiSi, K and I went to Idaho to see my dad's parents and go to my cousin's wedding.
They are quite possibly the cutest people in the universe, hands down, no question about it.

My dad joined us a day later. SiSi loves her Gpa. 

 This is my Grandma Crystal who I am named after. She's quite marvelous.

 If you ever go to Saint Anthony, ID you need to stop by Falls Drug and get a carmel rootbeer or an iron port and penny candy. My absolute favorite!

They sure did love their little SiSi and she loved them.

A's youngest brother, James, received his mission call to Malaga, Spain

lunch with A's dad @ Sundance


K even got into the spirit of things, doesn't he look thrilled?

the bunnies

this photo makes me so happy. A and Phil are goofs.

Jazz game, opening night on Halloween. They won, thank heaven. 
A doesn't really care about much when it comes to sports but he does love his Jazz.

 San Fran for my Grandpa's 91st birthday

Pretty sure SiSi loves her Uncle Joe

watching football with Great Grandpa

she's already addicted to the tv, what have I done?

That's all for now. We did bless the girl on Sunday and Abby took so many awesome photos. She's the new family photographer, it's official. But those will have to come at another time. I'm tired and it's past my bedtime. 9:31 pm...wow, I'm really living on the edge tonight. 

More updates on the girl to come.
Just know that she is doing awesome and getting big and already starting to teeth. 
Yeah, you read that right, 3 months and already teething. Lucky us!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We said goodbye to these guys this morning.

As A likes to call them "The Christmas gift that just keeps on giving." 

A, his brothers, James and Phil, and their dad are on their way to Colorado to drop them off as we speak. But first they had to load them up. I only caught the tail end of the loading process because I was snuggly tucked into my bed. I'm actually kind of glad that I missed it, large beasts with large pointy horns at 7 am? No thank you.

 James, the brother in the middle, gets his mission call tomorrow. I'm putting my money on Honduras. The anticipation is killing me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

hodge podge

It's been a busy few weeks. We are still trying to figure out a system for our little family but things are starting to become a little more routine, which I so welcome. I am a creature of habit and with a newborn baby nothing is as easy as it used to be. The other night I was just about to put her in a basket and send her out into the pond to be raised by swans. Just joking (kind of), love you baby girl!

whatchu talkin' bout Willis?

September 17th was my mom's birthday so SiSi and I took flowers to her grave and I told her all about her wonderful Grandma Vickie and how she is named after her. Now that I know how if feels to be a mother I am so much more grateful for my own. She is an incredible woman who I know is still watching over and helping me with my journey. Love you mom!

It's autumn here and gorgeous. A and I have taken many beautiful drives throughout the valley and up to the GR. Oh how I love autumn so very much. Driving through Provo canyon has to be my all time favorite autumn activity, it's just stunning.

Autumn has officially begun at the Ranch too. I finally unearthed all of my decorations from the barn and put up all of our Halloween/Thanksgiving decor. And might I add that it is already freezing up here. When I checked the weather this morning it was 19 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Luckily, SiSi is pretty good at a few things so far. One of them being sleeping (sometimes) and K loves taking naps with her. I think his snoring puts her to sleep.

This is by far my favorite photo of A and the girl so I just had to throw it in here.

A and I went to his parent's house the other day to watch the Presidential debate (which was fabulous and a much bigger deal than the Super Bowl at the Webb household) and found his parent's and youngest brother, James, filling out his mission papers (top photo). When A and I met James was 13 and now he is winning State Championship soccer games, going to college and filling out his mission papers?! Oh heavens, time is going way too fast.

To be honest this post is mostly for A's other brother, John, who is on his mission right now in Milano, Italy. He gets home December 29th and we are all slightly excited. That's in 82 days people!!! It's his birthday this month so Martsie is sending him a big birthday box complete with print outs of everyone's blogs. So John, this is for you! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!
seriously, what a stud.

I am dying to know what he thought about the announcement that President Monson made in Conference on Saturday about lowering the missionary age. Read here for more info. What a historical announcement and a huge shocker to us! I think we sat with our mouths agape for a few minutes before either of us said anything. I am excited to see how this affects the missionary program in the future and so grateful for modern revelation. As usual conference was amazing and I came away from it feeling rejuvenated and like I need to work on some things (but in a good way). I love listening to the uplifting talks that have been carefully constructed for us. We know that those speakers were inspired and guided to say things for our benefit. You can go here to watch or download any of the sessions or talks. 
K was totally not reverent the entire time and such a bugger. Then he found peace sun bathing on the deck and stopped ramming his wrinkly face into our knees. Such a butt head but how could you not love that face?

I want to post pretty much every talk but Elder Holland especially blew us away. 
Here is a video of some highlights from his talk.

Yea Lord...kills me every time. AMAZING!

To end I would like to post a video of the girl and her new trick.


Monday, September 24, 2012

1 week old photos

A was the artistic director of the bottom right shot ^. You're eyes aren't mistaken you, that's a gun and a fishing rod. Please don't call Child Protective Services on us.
this is my best friend Whitney and her little cherub, Rees. Her sister, Courtney, was the photographer and did an amazing job if I do say so myself. Here's her website if anyone is looking for a photographer in Utah.

Oh little SiSi, you are so loved