Saturday, October 24, 2009

alter ego party + honk and waves

Being in the Webb family has kept me on my toes. One night in Lake Powell we were assembled around a fire and it came up that we all need alter egos. Phil and Andrew started it with Chuck Logan and Tony Malone being their pseudonyms for the BYU journal that they ran into the ground and the rest of us quickly followed.

Andrew is Tony Malone, the mafia reject, he’s from “da Bronx” (but really from Scranton, PA he just needs to sound legit), he has many struggling business ventures that are all funded by Ben Burgundy (James), he thinks that he’s a womanizer, wears 80’s track suits, gold chains and reebok high tops.

I am Olga Brukavich, an acrobat in the Russian circus. I think that I am kind of a big deal so I wear fur and diamonds everywhere. I date Tony Malone only because I want to be an American pop singer and Tony says that he’ll help me make it big with his “connections”.

On more of a serious note....
Mayor Webb is running for re-election!!!
go to to learn the facts
It's been a long and exhausting road but so much fun and such a great experience!
vote November 3rd

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've never been to Moab and if you haven't either I think it's high time you go. It's filled with subies-aka people who drive subaru's and wear cargo shorts with their tevas, amazing scenery, more mountain bikers than I've ever seen in my life, a creepy condemned water park, a meat shop called Ol' Geezers (gross), and a rock and gem show with some of the most amazing people I've ever seen in my life.

oh he's so cute!

We also found that there are about 2 good places to eat (the Moab Diner was awesome and Wendy's never disappoints) and 1 movie theatre with 3 choices, par-tay. Overall, Moab was awesome and Andrew was such a trooper for taking me and Abby.

this was the extent of my sexiness, i really suck at being sexy

We had a couple incidents, I cried because my boots/feet suck and Abby cried because her horse took off into the wilderness (Abby's cry was actually legit. My foot just hurt a little, I'm a big baby and not a cowgirl).

the cry babies, where's scot when you need him?

At one point, the moment of my babyness, Andrew even thought that he had made a mistake which was confirmed by my obsessive compulsive need to put makeup on in the morning and a night of sleeping in the trailer which I would never recommend unless you know what you're doing. "Does anyone else's back kill right now?" was the first thing we heard the next morning.

our wonderful abode for the night. Thank heavens for the Sleep Inn.

Despite the crying and the back pain this weekend just confirmed to me the desperate need we have to be on a ranch. Life would not be complete without our horses, 4 dogs, 2 barn cats, 1 potbelly pig, 2 pygmy goats and chickens. Andrew thinks that's a little excessive but I'm more optomistic.

here's to you Moab, here's to you

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ode to October

Actually my friends I am not going to write an Ode to October because I have no such talents but I am going to very simply tell you why I love October/autumn right now. If I had any lyrical prowess maybe you'd get an ode but I don't so you'll just have to deal :)

1. Halloween: I don't know why Halloween is so much fun to decorate for but I absolutely love it! Plus the costumes and the could you get any better than that?

2. punkins: Andrew refers to them as pumpkins but they are really pronounced punkins. please don't laugh at him, he tries.

3. Autumn: the crisp air just does something to me, along with the beautiful boots and coats that go along with it!

4. Fall Break: whoever came up with this ingenious concept needs to be given a medal and a big hug. Plus fall break means that the semester is halfway over!!!

5. Clam chowder and chili: in all of it's warm velvety goodness, nothing makes me more happy than clam chowder in a bread bowl.

6. Fall fashion: I love unpacking my autumn clothes and reminding myself that I actually have some decent clothes. Plus, a cute scarf can just make an outfit. I was introduced to scarves as a real accessory when I came to college. I never knew how warm they really are and I am always cold, Andrew can attest to that. Plus, pea coats to die for, leather boots, sweaters, hats, gloves, I need to go shopping!

7. Riding: Autumn rides are always the best, I'm not quite sure why but they are.

8. Christmas: what do you mean Christmas has nothing to do with October? you're crazy! don't you know that when October hits Christmas is only 3 months away? Woo Hoo!

9. Fur coats: no I don't wear fur. I probably would if I had money but that's a different story. Any who, the horses are starting to get their winter coats and they look so funny! all fuzzy and thick, but they are so warm and a little chubby. (don't tell them i said that, they are all a little body conscious right now)

10. General Conference: wasn't this last conference wonderful? I always walk away from them feeling a little bad for not doing all that I should be but with a new found resolve to be a better person. Plus, President Monson is so wonderful, how could you not love that man?

11. Pies: Peach, apple, pecan, pumpkin, oh i could go on all day! I'm hungry.

Well my friends that is the closest thing to an ode you will get out of me so enjoy! I hope you are having as wonderful of an October as I am!