Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flowers and Chocolates

I haven't had too much time to write anything now that I have a job that I actually have to work at. This is the latest on my end...So Andrew has been sick for the last couple of days and when I say sick, I mean really sick. I think he got a combination of my cold and whatever his brother John had last week, poor guy. I've tried to uphold my parent's standards by being as sympathetic and caring as I can possibly be and it totally worked! Even though he's not better yet he came home and surprised me with flowers and a tiny box of chocolates!!! He is just too cute! I was so shocked because I hadn't done anything that special besides force Dayquil in him. He's just so sweet! Maybe he should get sick more often! Just joking...xoxo



The Rules: Link the person who tagged you Tell about 6 quirks of yours Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same Leave a comment to let them know

1. I constantly play with my rings, even my wedding ring! I can't help it! I do it when I think, I guess. I've lost many a ring that way. I lost one on the bus in Italy and made Tracie crawl around on the dirty bus floor to find it for me! I love her!

2. When I say goodbye on the phone I say "m-bye" instead of just "bye". I think my mom does it to. I never noticed it until someone pointed it out, I tried saying "bye" for a while but I can't resist saying "m-bye"

3. I don't like water from a glass unless it has ice in it and I can drink it from a straw. My teeth are sensitive :) and I have OCD.

4. I hate movie theatres. They are always soooo cold, my feet stick to the floor and the random guy that always seems to be drawn to the seat next to mine is 300 lbs. so needs his chair plus mine and is eating a hot dog and nachos. GROSS! I can't stand them but sometimes when a movie is worth it, I endure.

5. I keep all of my shoes in their shoeboxes. Andrew makes fun of me about this one because I even keep my cowboy boots, that I step in horse maneur in, in a box. I just like my shoes looking nice and organized.

6. From Whitney's "The way people chew their food can drive me crazy! I hate when they have their mouth open, crunch too much, or talk while chewing. It makes me want to vomit! The worst is when I am talking on the phone with someone and they are eating and talking on the other end. It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, I believe there is a way to eat it appropriatly." I second Whitney's. My little brother Aaron will tell you that I cannot handle when I can hear people chew, it's just disgusting!
Well, that's just some little odd things about me, I'm sure there are a million but I'll stick to 6 for now!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


A while ago Krystal and I went to St. Anthony, Idaho. We stayed with Krystal's grandparents. They are, in many ways, an example of how two people should spend their years. The town is beyond tiny, and its full of characters and inside secrets that everybody knows. Krystal's grandma has the energy of a bumble bee. Her grandpa will not stop working, moxing, fixing, or anything industrious--despite the kid pleadings. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed.
Styles and I spent a long time in Cody. It was obviously a big deal for me because I got to stare at the bonafide artifacts of Mr. William F. Cody--the man who is most responsible for creating the myth of the cowboy. I loved it. Krystal like the guns. (which by the way she is a better shot than I am)
My first time in Hawaii was on our honeymoon. Krystal's grandpa was kind enough to let us use his condo in Maui. I now understand why everyone raves about Hawaii. It is almost as if you feel that you, and you alone, have a special connection with that place--even if you have only been there but once.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Horses and the GR...aka 'sexys'

We like to call these pictures 'sexys' because thats how we look. Right? The story goes that on one of our first rides I asked Krystal to take a picture of me. Naturally, she agreed but hadn't fully understood my humor. As I was riding away into the scenic sunset I yelled back "Do I look sexy?". I kept stressing to her how I wanted to look like Jim Craig, Butch Cassidy, or even Mathew Quigley. In any case, we had a great season thus far. We have spent most of our time riding at the GR. It is so exciting for us to get out and be with different people like Victor the Peruvian cowboy, a cursing buckaroo that cowboyed for the indians, buttheaded brothers, or just being with each other. Regardless of who we are with, the GR has been extremely theraputic. And I suspect that it will only get better.
Recently, I found a poem by Waddie Mitchell that was right on.

What will I tell him you ask me

When my son's trying to make up his mind

To ride for a living like I have,

Or explore what the world has to find.

Could I tell him its sure worth the doing,

Could I tell him I spent well my time.

I'll just say from the start, son its gotta come from the heart

It aint somethin' that comes from the mind.

I'll tell him the truth as I know it.

Of good years, hard winters, and droubt.

The excstacy of winning a round now and then,

Givn' the courage to stay in the bought.

The adrenalin rush, when your bustin up brush

On a cowpony, agile and stout

Of having the rug jerked from under your feet,

When you here the outfits sold out.

I'll tell him that cowboys a verb, not a noun.

Its what you do, more than a name.

And he'd be foolin' himself if he's figurin on

Any sort of material gain.

I'll remind him of spring calves a buckin'

Of the joy, and the pride, and the pain.

Of livin' a life that is easy or hard,

At the discretion of nature's refrain.

What will I tell him you ask me,

When he's there tryin to make up his mind

I'll just say from the start, son its gotta come from the heart

It aint somethin' that comes from the mind.

-Waddie Mitchell