Friday, October 1, 2010


Don't fret, I'm still not done with the summer vacation photos... I know you're too excited!
This will be quick.
After the cruise Andrew and I along with 3 brothers, 1 sister and 1 brother in law parted ways from the rents and took off into the great unknown all by ourselves. We each had one large backpack (or side bag in Phil's case) with supplies to last us 10 more days. We were stealth. I felt like the packing queen when I had extra room in mine. Who would have thought?
Any who, We started in Rome where we found out that our train to gay old Paris was booked. We were stuck in Rome so decided to take a train to Milan, stay the night and catch the first train to Paris. (We really wanted to go to Normandy) First of all, it was July. Second of all, the train ride was 7 hours. Last but not A/C. It was a great train ride.

So we got to Milan, found a cheapy hotel (with no A/C), ate at a pizza place/discotecha, I got 9 mosquito bites in about 2 hours and couldn't sleep because our hotel room was so bloody hot. Lovely.

The next morning we all gathered with bags under our eyes to discuss our next step. We decided to ditch the 9 hour train ride to Normandy and head to where you may ask?


That was possibly the best decision that we have ever made. We stepped off of the fully air conditioned comfortable train into this

It was still the best decision we have ever made. I think we shed a few tears of joy at that point.

Here are a few things we did in Svitzerland

stayed at the Funny Farm (they had the cutest Saint Bernard), ate at the Coop every morning, met up with Dennis and Martsie to celebrate Andrew's bday, went to a chocolate demonstration conducted by Chef Jean Pierre of France (he's so legit), wrestling, tight rope walking, sits and journal writing.

gondola ride to mountain hostel, journal writing, more wrestling, little hike, chickens, cute swiss homes and cow bells everywhere.

train ride to Grindelwald, gondola ride to alpine slide, great sit, sviss cows, shopping and 2 incidents: Abby spilled Coke on Scot's crotch and John stepped in fresh cow manure. yummy

Grimsel Canyon
canyoning, you don't know what canyoning is? Neither did we.
Pretty much you put on neoprene suits and helmets and jump off of rocks into a river. They also had zip lines and repelling. It was 2 hours of adrenaline and water up my nose. We were feeling it the next day that's for sure. The guides kept telling us not to eff it up or else we'd die. Thanks guys.

largest bungee jump in the world, featured in Goldeneye, all of the boys had great form, I'm so proud.

After the glorious bounty Svitzerland provided us with we felt rejuvenated enough to rejoin the bustling cities of Italy. Did I mention that I want to move to Svitzerland. I even adopted their accent to fit in better. (change your w's to v's) I'm just that cultured.

Any who, back to...


I did a study abroad in Siena and ever since I've been dying to go back. The terra cotta rooftops, Piazza del Campo, the Duomo, the shopping, pizza, pasta and gelato, my old school and just the memories. I mean it's Tuscany, seriously.

shopping, museums, walking around, eating amazing pizza and everything else you do in Florence!

I want to go back right now.
Cleveland vs Tuscany...tough decision.

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kONniKaLITa said...

looks like sooo much fuN! i love europe ....especially that matterhorn in switzerland...beautiful mountain!! what's with no a/c....that would be the worst