Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Anniversary

Andrew and I have been married for one year and 13 days! Whoo Hoo! For our anniversary we went to the good ol' PC (that's for Park City for all of you non-hip peeps) Diane let us stay in her timeshare which was totally awesome because 1. we didn't have to pay 2. this place was gorgeous and huge and 3. it was literally on Main Street! Diane is way to generous and even took us out to dinner Friday night, so sweet. She called us a couple weeks before our anniversary and asked if we had plans for the weekend and of course we didn't because we're impoverished. Okay, not really but we're newlyweds and I'm still in school getting paid $9 to answer phones and take people on tours, I'm suppressing my pure joy right now. Any who, Diane's awesome and I love her soooo much!

So Friday night we went to dinner with Diane at this awesome little Mexican restaurant and had the worst waiter in the world!!! It was so funny, normally I would probably take offense but it was so bad I just had to laugh. I asked him to take a picture of us and he said no! Obviously someone should not be in the customer service industry :) But the food was wonderful so we had a great time and he didn't get a tip.

Then on Saturday we went riding even though it was raining and thundering. But we're cowboys, we're totally tough. Andrew bought me a duster to keep my warm even though the price was a little too high for my tastes but I love it! I look so legit with my cowboy gear going on, Andrew won't be embarrassed to ride with me anymore.
After the ride we got massages and that was amazing. We had even planned to go to Bandit's (one of Andrew's favorite places) that night for dinner but we settled for Panda Express because we didn't have the desire to get ready again.

We were totally lazy and it was the best weekend ever. I am so grateful that Diane would let us use her timeshare and I am beyond grateful for Andrew. He makes me so happy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I'm a believer

A few weeks ago Andrew and I set out to one of the most awesome places in the world...Lake Powell! We met up with Andrew's entire family and some of his aunts, uncles and cousins equalling about 25 people total. It was so fun! This was my first real trip to Lake Powell and I didn't get it before we got there. I had been a couple years ago with some friends in March and it was still pretty cold so I will claim this as my first official trip. I was overwhelmed the entire time by the cliffs and the water and the fun...I am exhausted just thinking about it! I am grateful to be back home sleeping in my soft bed and having a shower that doesn't get it's water from a lake that Andrew uses as a toilet. love you sweets! Here's a little video of our adventures. In order to get the full effect you have to pause the music player down below so you can hear Bob in the video.