Friday, November 20, 2009

all I want for Christmas

Most of you probably already know that I love dogs. Today as I was walking to my car a little puppy runs up to me to play and my heart just melted. I almost shoved the 6 year old boy to the ground and took off with his pup but luckily my senses kicked in and I realized that I would probably be arrested so that plan was foiled.

Darn those police.

So instead of tramatizing a child for life I decided to compile a list of my most favorite dogs that I will have in my lifetime. In no particular order...

Labrador/Golden Retriever: I grew up with a lab and she will always be my favorite (sorry Yuki dog)  
Basset Hound
English Pointer
Irish Setter
Scottish Terrier
Bull Terrier
Great Dane
Greater Swiss Mountain 
French Bulldog

 who wouldn't want to take them home?
more to come soon, probably

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

wait for it...

After making two trips to Tai Pan in the past two weekends I have officially kicked off Christmas mode. But because it is not even Thanksgiving yet I am bridling my passions for Christmas and holding out...for now.

Last weekend I had the most wonderful time with the Webb girls picking stuff out for each other and finding things for myself. Martsie is too gracious and we had the best afternoon shopping and going to Mimi's for a little girl time :)

The theme for this year is red, silver and black with a little bit of sparkle thrown in there. Luckily, last year I bought an artificial tree from Target for $20 but I just realized that it's only 5 feet tall so I will be stalking the aisles of Target once again for a larger tree.

Enough about Christmas, I'm already chomping at the bit and writing about it is making me much more anxious...We'll see how long I last, no promises though.

Andrew is furiously applying to grad schools. Please Boston, we love you.

PS...just in case anyone was wondering what I would like for Christmas (sweetie are you listening?)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


according to everyone at my work I actually did have swine flu. *Sigh*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

swine flu and such

No my friends I do not have the swine flu but yesterday I thought that I was going to die. That's a bit of an exaggeration (which I am very good at) but really I was on the verge of death. Okay, I really just have a cold, no biggie right? I am here to tell you that being sick is completely miserable, like you didn't know that already. I laid on the couch yesterday for a mere 12 hours wondering if I could possibly go on any longer but I eventually pulled through thanks to chicken noodle soup and Theraflu. I'm feeling much better today but still not back to normal. My point, don't get sick, it sucks.

And for some wonderful news...Dennis won the election yesterday! Thanks for all of those responsible citizens who voted in Holladay, we did it!

And for some more wonderful news....I have just been informed at the Pioneer Woman herself Ree Drummond will be at King's English Bookstore in Sugarhouse for a book signing of her new cookbook! Yeah!!! I know I'm sick but I am too excited to pass this up, I even preordered her cookbook 3 months ago! I love her...