Monday, November 29, 2010

the past bit

The past few weeks have been a nonstop party. Andrew's dad, mom and John came into town for a quick weekend. Since John is going on his mission in 3 weeks (3 weeks!? craze!) they wanted to go to see some church history sights. That is one amazing thing about living here, there is so much rich history so close to us.

Niagra Falls, Palmyra, Hiram, Kirtland

Kipling loves his John and Andrew loves explosions

Sadly, I had to work most of the weekend so I wasn't able to go with them but they said it was amazing.
I did get to go to the John Johnson farm with them which was so fun!!! Even if Mary Yoder's was closed.
We already miss them. It was a good break from school for Andrew and so fun to be with family again.
3 more weeks of the semester!!! You can do it love!

For Thanksgiving we drove to Raleigh to be with my familia.
Kipling did awesome in the car and slept for most of the drive (thank goodness!) while Andrew and I listened to John Grisham's The Associate.
Aaron and my dad flew out from Utah and we just partied (and ate) the entire week.

We played outside because it was still gorgeous weather! I'm moving to Raleigh.
Tyler kept us very busy with basketball, a Turkey Bowl, kite flying and just being too dang cute.
You can definitely tell he's the only grandchild. We spoil him like crazy.

 Jared and Rose made the most delicious Thanksgiving feast ever.
I can't talk about it, I'm really hungry right now.

Then we crashed (dang tryptophan) and played Mario Kart.

And of course no post would be complete without a dash of Kipling.
He is also obviously an only child. I spoil him. I know. Don't judge.

We took him to an amazing dog park by Jared and Rose's house and he got to play with another puppy! They were best friends instantly and wore each other out. It was so cute.

I'm exhausted from all the fun. Time for a nap.
Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleveland swagger

even when you're dead you got to be rollin' on dubs

This is not the actual hearse I saw but similar. We don't have palm trees here in the Cleve. :(

Monday, November 15, 2010

I was enchanted to meet you

^That's the song I'm listening to right now ^ T-Swift is my boo. I blasted her new album all throughout Maui, It was my theme music for the vacation and so perfect.

I had a wonderful time on my vaca and I feel beyond rejuvenated! There's something in the water there. Sunshine, turtles, fish and sand to be exact.

We celebrated my Gpa's 89th birthday on Wednesday, I snorkeled, swam, layed out, jogged to the Prince every morning, read, slept (a lot), ate at Mama's and Flatbread, bbq'd at Val and Joe's, went to Tia's book signing, shopped with Auntie Val and just had a fabulous time! I want to go back right now.

It was nice not wearing these extra layers that I currently have on. But I really do love my cute fall clothes. Plus the weather here is gorgeous! It's probably in the 60's and sunny. Love it!

Any who, while I was doing all of that the boys were bacheloring it up! Party time! Their week consisted of Cheetos, West Wing season 3, Captain Tony's, wrestling and Mexican Cokes. So healthy.

I bought Kipling a rawhide bone before I left and he loved it.

but the mean ol'vet lady told Andrew not to give him rawhide because he might choke. Boo! poor guy, to make him feel better Andrew went to Petco and got him this...

isn't that creepy?! try not to have nightmares

despite the fact that his new toy is possessed, Kipling loves his new little punkin friend and drags him everywhere resulting in the dirtiest, nastiest, creepiest dog toy I've ever seen.
Thank you Petco, I sure owe you one.

wrastling, it's what we do

We (aka Andrew) recently started potty training Kipling and he's doing surprisingly well.
Thank goodness!

We took him to the dog park on Saturday and he was pretty overwhelmed but got used to all of the big dogs quickly. There was a Saint Bernard that loved him. It was so cute! Everyone else at the dog park loved him too. He got lots of love that day.

but seriously, how could you not love those pink lips???