Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Horses and the GR...aka 'sexys'

We like to call these pictures 'sexys' because thats how we look. Right? The story goes that on one of our first rides I asked Krystal to take a picture of me. Naturally, she agreed but hadn't fully understood my humor. As I was riding away into the scenic sunset I yelled back "Do I look sexy?". I kept stressing to her how I wanted to look like Jim Craig, Butch Cassidy, or even Mathew Quigley. In any case, we had a great season thus far. We have spent most of our time riding at the GR. It is so exciting for us to get out and be with different people like Victor the Peruvian cowboy, a cursing buckaroo that cowboyed for the indians, buttheaded brothers, or just being with each other. Regardless of who we are with, the GR has been extremely theraputic. And I suspect that it will only get better.
Recently, I found a poem by Waddie Mitchell that was right on.

What will I tell him you ask me

When my son's trying to make up his mind

To ride for a living like I have,

Or explore what the world has to find.

Could I tell him its sure worth the doing,

Could I tell him I spent well my time.

I'll just say from the start, son its gotta come from the heart

It aint somethin' that comes from the mind.

I'll tell him the truth as I know it.

Of good years, hard winters, and droubt.

The excstacy of winning a round now and then,

Givn' the courage to stay in the bought.

The adrenalin rush, when your bustin up brush

On a cowpony, agile and stout

Of having the rug jerked from under your feet,

When you here the outfits sold out.

I'll tell him that cowboys a verb, not a noun.

Its what you do, more than a name.

And he'd be foolin' himself if he's figurin on

Any sort of material gain.

I'll remind him of spring calves a buckin'

Of the joy, and the pride, and the pain.

Of livin' a life that is easy or hard,

At the discretion of nature's refrain.

What will I tell him you ask me,

When he's there tryin to make up his mind

I'll just say from the start, son its gotta come from the heart

It aint somethin' that comes from the mind.

-Waddie Mitchell


Krystal said...

that's so cute sweetie and you are so totally sexy, just like Jim Craig! love you!

Greg & Whit said...

hey friends! I tagged you, so go to my blog for the details!