Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our little love story

It has been a little over a year and a half since Andrew and I met. It all started when my friend and I convinced a couple of her old high school buddies to go 80's dancing with us. Andrew will tell you that I didn't pay any attention to him but how could I not pay attention to his wonderful dance moves??? He had to borrow $5 from me to get into the club which I was never expecting to see again! Lucky for me, Andrew is a very honest person and insisted on paying me back. A couple weeks after we met I got an e-mail from him and we started communication that way. I wasn't sure what his intentions were in the beginning but I loved being with him and had too much fun every time we were together!One winter night we went sledding at 11:00 at night and Andrew hit a jump and got the air knocked out of him (haha), I watched as he was thrown from a 1,000 pound bull and pushed along the dirt like a rag doll bruising almost every rib (scariest thing ever!), he stayed at my parent's house while he was recovering from ankle surgery, in the Spring he finally got the courage to take me horseback riding and we've been doing it ever since, he told me he loved me on accident as we were having one of our serious serious talks, we watched conference together while his mom rubbed our feet, as well as, movies, Jazz games and bull riding. When he went to D.C. for an internship we spoke on the phone every night for hours and I was able to visit twice, what a blessing! We went to Mexico with his family for Christmas, Idaho and Wyoming just for fun, St. George with our families for Thanksgiving and Easter and a million mini vacations to the ranch. He proposed this past winter with a walnut scavenger hunt, a box of chocolates, and a beautiful ring! How could I resist??? We have spent hours upon hours talking about the world, politics (bleah), the gospel, us, our future and anything in between!I am so grateful for him and our wonderful adventures! But most of all I am grateful for the gospel and the blessings that have brought us together. We feel blessed beyond belief to be together for eternity with so many wonderful friends and family members by our side.


Greg & Whit said...

Wel... since you stole my playlist thingy.. Im totally stealing your love story idea! Trade? good! Hey Rachelle is having a shoe party thing this Tuesday if you are going to be down here at 6. But if you aren't..then we really need to hang out soon! We are moved out of our apt. and in limbo at Greg's parents' house until ours is finished! I need to see your place!

Olmos Family said...

that was so much fun to read! so cute!

Greg & Whit said...

Yes, we signed our lives away yesterday and spent last night there on our mattress in the middle of the room, everything is still in boxes but we are in!