Saturday, March 3, 2012

baby Webb

Yes my peeps, I am pregnant! I think most of you know it already and are probably already sick of me constantly talking about it but I'm kind of excited. I go to the doc's office next week and hopefully get to find out the gender. I really want a girl (is that so bad to say?) but I did see a little boy playing on the beach the other day and it made me want a boy. Obviously I'm just excited for whatever but right now I am slightly partial. 

either way they will be blonde haired, blue eyed little rascals. I mean seriously, how cute!!!
p.s. these are not photos of A and myself, we weren't nearly that cute.

I am 15 weeks and as of now due on my birthday (August 22). Happy birthday to me! I've had a pretty easy go at it so far. Little nausea, little fatigue, very little patience, aversion to eggs and an increase of saltine crackers into my diet. But don't get too jealous because there has been a whole lot of pregnancy crazy going on at the Webb household. I feel like I'm 13 again and between the acne and the mood swings I can't tell you which way is up. Someone needs to help my poor husband. On the way home from church a few weeks ago I started crying over nothing and didn't stop. The tears, the ugly cry face, the snot, the HORROR! It was bad. Now imagine that just about every other day and you will be inclined to nominate my husband for sainthood. Oh how I love that man.

I'm excited. A is excited. The fams are excited. We are also moving in 8 weeks and can't be more excited to be around our families when this all goes down. We're going to be living at the ranch for the summer and I keep telling A that he's going to find me everyday naked (well, not naked...probably), belly up, floating in the pond. 

this will be me. just imagine a lot of moss, swans, fish and probably a muskrat or two.
Who wants to go for a dip?


Jacqueline Clark said...

Congrats you guys! That's so exciting!

paigernate said...

I LOVE THIS!!! U r seriously going to be a ridiculously cute pregnant girl..... And that baby, can't wait to see the little one!!!! Boy or girl, i can't even imagine how cute it will be. congrats!!!!!

Mariel said...

So fun to see your blog and I am so excited for you!!! Congrats!! You will have the cutest little blondie ever!!

Mary said...

Sooo excited and happy to hear it! You will make a gorgeous little pregnant one. Congrats!