Monday, March 12, 2012

Part of the food chain

When I was in elementary school about once a month the entire student body of Scera Park Elementary would gather in the lunchroom/gym and sing. One of our songs was a stirring little number about ecology. I loved this one because well, it was a rap. Even back then I had a little swag in me. I taught this rap to my dear husband and every once in a while we'll bust it out. It was busted out on the way to church yesterday. I hope our kids have sing-in's. You Scera Park people know what I'm talking about...anyone else?

oh Scera Park, you were good to me
to hear a sample of my first encounter with rap music go here 
(there's a button that says "play all samples" towards the bottom)

On a different note, I have found the best face cleanser and cream ever!!! I do not normally endorse products on here or anywhere really because like my opinion matters anyway but I found this stuff and I want to shout it from the rooftops! After 10+ years of dermatologists and expensive creams that were supposed to make my face glow to no avail and after being told for years that I have oily to acne prone skin, after harsh chemicals to herbal remedies, all I need to do was walk into Sephora, tell the saleslady a little bit about my skin and voila! She sold me this and my skin is magically better. Not perfect, but so much better. Apparently I have very sensitive skin so I need something very sensitive (imagine that). The line is called First Aid Beauty and there are no fillers or parabens or any of that stuff. And for $18 each, what isn't there to love?


websites for: face cleanser & face cream

I bought the little travel pack first to see if it would work at all and it came with the lip repair and shaving cream too but I don't think that there is anything special about either of those. Needless to say I am a happy camper and returned about $200 in face creams to Nordstrom.

here's another song we'd sing at our sing-in's during Halloween time. Whitney knows this one really well.


Greg & Whit said...

OMG!!! I always sing ecology, the midnight ride of paul revere, iron wheels keep rolling, designer genes, and tons others. And then Greg just stares at me like "your school was nuts". He just doesn't get it! This post made me soooo happy. "Its good to be alive!"

Jacqueline Clark said...

Oh my gosh Krystal! You just brought back so many memories, especially with that ecology rap. I remember Scott Cannon's older brother preforming that for a school program. Haha oh I miss Scera Park!

London said...

E C OLOG YYYYY! Ecology! Oh man! We were cool. I was just thinking of those sing ins the other day, and the creepy old movies they would show in the auditorium. some time I desperately want to go back to those days of steal the flag and chocolate milk.