Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Clampetts

In between Lake Powell and Europa we squoze (no, that is not a word but it means to have squeezed according to urbandictionary.com) the annual Howerton family reunion in there somewhere. My mom's side of the family all flew out to the great state of Utah to be with us. We do this every year at the Homestead. It used to be really low key but now that we are expanding it's become quite a party. My Grandpa is so sweet to us and it's fun to just hang out and catch up. He was actually still recovering from open heart surgery and doing awesome! He's a trooper!

Aaron & the Gpa, I can't get enough of this picture!!!

I did a lot of hanging out with the lil'bro who flew in from So Cal because he is so totally awesome. My Grandpa, Aunt Valerie and Uncle Joe flew in from Hawaii. Jared, Rose and baby Tyler flew in from the Nor Car (or North Carolina if you're not hip) along with my cousin Violet's fam which included, Wes (her hubby), Wes Jr. and Logan. My dad and my cousin Heather and her 3 boys drove the greuling 45 minutes from Provo. And my Uncle Wayne, Aunt Beverly and cousin Ivy flew in from Georgia. My cousin Beri was the only one not in attendance. Miss you Beri!

back: Aaron, me, Andrew, Jared, Rose, Uncle Joe, Aunt Valerie, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Beverly, Patrick, Zachary, Wes, Christian, Logan, Violet, and Ivy
front: Dad, Tyler, Grandpa, Heather and Wes Jr.

My bff's lil'sister, Court-face or Courtney as she likes to be called, came up and took some family pictures. Sadly, it was raining so we couldn't really go outside but they turned out great anyways!

I love his cowboy hat, mmm...mmm...mmmm

We also took Tyler on a canoe ride at the ranch. Aaron shot a rock chuck and my dad ran for the hills when a snake was spotted and left me to pick it out of the canoe. True bravery. We took some cute pictures but I can't seem to find them :(

this will be the Andrew and Krystal Webb family pictures in about 40 years.
back: Andrew, Ida Mae (Aaron's future wife), Aaron
front: me, Parly (our son) and Siena (our daughter)



Cindy said...

Whoa. Aaron is big. I still picture him being, like, 10. Thanks for the reminder that I am old. The Howerton clan looks great. Glad you got to see everyone.

Stacey said...

Ditto on Cindy's comment. I clearly haven't seen Aaron for a while. Love the whole family picture! Looks like you guys had a great time :)

Greg & Whit said...

Wow, your children are so dashing. And you are just gorgeous in your old age!

Krystal Rose Webb said...

Sorry C & S, didn't mean to bring up any issues...

And Whitney, I know. It's my special creams that keep me so dashing :) Don't hate me bc I'm beautiful. (sorry, I stole your line)

PJ Evers said...

What wonderful pictures of everyone! Super fun time (minus the rain) making great memories.
Love you all!

Abby Neff said...

hahahahaaha oh my gosh where did you find that picture!!!!! oh how i love it so so much

Abby Neff said...
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