Tuesday, August 3, 2010

rocky mountain high, no more

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of our 1,729 mile drive to the Cleve. This is what it looks like on Google maps

Doesn't that look like fun? You know you want to come!
Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and then our state of residence for 2 whole years...OHIO! Aren't you just so jealous? I am actually really excited right now believe it or not!

Not excited to do 8 loads of laundry, deep clean our bedroom and pack our sweet little car, but excited nonetheless.

As all of you know moving is never as easy as it seems it should be. I just found out this morning that there will not be gas in our apartment. For some reason the gas company can't find our meter...oh geeze, this will be interesting. After about 16 calls to the gas company and Marie at Shaker Square Apartments (she was not happy with me) trying to figure this all out I get a call back from Dontez, our property manager, saying that they will figure out the gas situation because as of now there is no gas. Lovely.


Cindy said...

Good luck in the land of Cleve. I'm still kind of bitter you're not coming to Boston though.

Bryan 'n Katie said...

Good luck Krystal! Moving is hard and stressful especially when its to another state. The first house we rented in Oregon didn't have a heater so come Fall we were freezing to death. Hang in there!