Friday, August 20, 2010

Home sweet home part deux

Here's some photos of our diggs. It's still in the works but getting there.

But first I will introduce you to my long lost friend, The Peach.
I bought a carton of peaches from the place we went raspberry picking last week and they were divine. After 2 days these were the sole survivors. Not for long!

I digress, back to the apartment.

Zee front room, love the fireplace

Zee bedrooms, still trying to figures these ones out. We are currently using plastic drawers from Big Lots as our dressers, super cute.

Zee bathroom, pardon the awkward shot

Zee dining room and zee kitchen. No dining room table yet, I'm working on it.

Zee window AC unit, we're high rollers if you couldn't already tell.
Cardboard and duct tape, pure class.

Speaking of class. This is where we have eaten 4 out of the 14 days that we've been here. Half pepperoni, half mushroom and black olives. I'll let you guess who gets which side. Captain Tony's is across the street from our apartment. The owner already knows who we are. This is going to be a great two years.

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Abby Neff said...

I love it styles! youve made it look so wonderful! That pizza sounds enticing as well... gotta come some day