Monday, April 26, 2010

R&R and my day

Two weeks ago I left the blizzards of Utah to do this:

with these people:

I had the most amazing time. I spent a few days downtown SF with my Auntie Valerie talking and shopping until our feet screamed at us.

Then I spent a few days at the Amity Ranch where Patty and her family reside. Patty is my mom's best friend since she was 2. The interesting thing about my mom is that she had about 11 best friends but Patty was the official first. (Don't be offended you other 10, she has plenty of love to go around)

We sat on the porch and drank lemonade, chatted until the wee hours of the morning, went for my first ride of the season (which my buttocks is still reminding me of), procrastinated homework, slept in, ate fresh chicken eggs for breakfast every morning, played freeze tag in the dark, hiked, rode, played with Elizabeth's gorgeous hair, took many many pictures and just plain enjoyed ourselves.

I also spent time with this guy:

and he is doing so well after his double bypass surgery a month ago.
What a trooper.
Gosh I love him.

Let's just say it was a much needed vacation and too perfect.
I want to go back right now.

Today is the anniversary of my mom's passing.

It's been a hard but sweet few days.
I love you mom.
I miss you.
Thanks for all of the kind words everyone, I love you too.


Stacey said...

What a fun trip! The picture of you and your mom is absolutely stunning. How wonderful you have all those best friends to be there for you :)

Sarah C. said...

Let's get together soon, eh? We need to get some time in before we both leave this blessed place.

Lewis.Muriel.Lily said...

How fun!!! It looks like you had a blast! I can't believe it has already been a year since your mom has passed! We love you and are always thinking of you!