Wednesday, April 14, 2010

San Fran

I just spent 2 days shopping in downtown SF and I didn't even scratch the surface. H&M is wonderful (all 3 stories), so is Forever 21 but Nordstrom...oh, Nordstrom, be still my beating heart. 6 floors of gorgeous shoes, clothes and accessories that I just can't afford...

for now (you hear that Andrew? That was part of the deal right? love you sweetie)

So instead of sobbing on their gold leaf, jewel encrusted tissues I head over to Macy's which has pretty much the same stuff but without the jewel encrusted tissues. I mean honestly, Macy's probably has about 75% of the same stuff (or comparable) but whatever. I still like my fancy tissues. Don't judge.

While sulking in Macy's I met a wonderful woman who works at the Laura Mercier counter. She informed me in the first 15 minutes of our meeting that the president himself (as she points to her OBAMA rhinestone bracelet) has the same birthday as her ("whoa, that's pretty awesome" I say with a hint of sarcasm). Plus, she grew up 10 minutes away from Harvard (where the big man himself graduated from) and her sister has the same birthday as The Man's daughter. (People of Utah: Democrats really do exist! It's not just a conspiracy to take away your NRA membership.)

Needless to say, she's a tiny bit obsessed and will do anything to meet him. I was a little nervous that she'd somehow find out that I'm pretty conservative, not quite Sarah Palin, but still.

Anyways, I bought some lipgloss from said woman, got home, opened my bag in anticipation and was horribly disappointed. She had put nude eye base in my bag instead of my pink grapefruit, lip plumping goodness.

She knew... how did she find out?

Was it written all over my face? Did she do a background check on me on her little Macy's computer? Oh geez, I can't go back there...

I should have never left SLC, I don't belong here.

Disclaimer: that's not quite how things went but I feel fully capable of taking artistic liberty on here for the sake of humor. Any complaints can be sent to  Thank you and goodnight

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