Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cleveland Rocks

Andrew officially accepted his acceptance to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Yipee!!!

 I know what you all are thinking..."Ohio? Really?" because I thought the exact same thing when Andrew and I were discussing the options. Because I am the best wife ever I told Andrew that I would go wherever he needed to go to get the best education and CWRU hits the target. So this August we are packing up our stuff and heading out on our biggest adventure yet! (wish us luck, we'll need it)

After many hours of googling phrases like "things to do in Cleveland" and "where exactly is Cleveland again?" I promise I passed 5th grade geography, it's just been a while. I have found a new love for the mistake on the lake (as the locals call it).

(It's got a number 20 on it if you're still having a hard time. Don't worry, I won't tell.)

So if you google Cleveland here are a few of the highlights...

Peter B. Lewis Building
This is CWRU's Business building designed by Frank Gehry. There are no right angles in the entire building. 

Sailing on Lake Erie
"I'm sailing!"

The food from Little Italy
For some reason a lot of Italian immigrants centered in Cleveland. 
Including Diane's family. I want to find out why...anyone know?
All I know is that I love pasta.

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Severence Hall
Where the Cleveland Orchestra plays

The Browns, Indians and Cavaliers
I've never lived anywhere that has a professional football, baseball and basketball team. 
Please destroy Kobe, LaBron. I will love you forever.

The Cleveland Museum of Art
These are some paintings from the Monet to Picasso exhibit that was here at the UMFA. Picasso, Monet and Gauguin all in one place, be still my heart. This museum is one of the best fine art museums in the country, it was destiny!

Museum of Contemporary Art
too much love in one place...

it's only 45 minutes away! We'll actually be in the Kirtland Stake. How cool is that?!

Cedar Point
This place is also about 45 minutes away. It's the largest theme park in the US. 
Aaron, John and James...get ready to party!

Amish Country
need I say more? I was Amish in another life, I just know it.

last but not least...

The Drew Carey Show
remember the theme song "Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks. OHIO!!!"?
They love Cleveland and now, so do I. You convinced me Drew Carey, you convinced me.
Sure gives Cleveland a lot of street cred.

Cleveland's a lot cooler than you thought huh?
Thank heavens for google or I'd still be having an anxiety attack.


Emily said...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...and Pro Football Hall of Fame...in Canton (close by) Lived there for two years when I first got married. There are sooo many festivals and carnivals and they celebrate EVERYTHING! You'll love it! But it gets VERY cold in winter!

Emily Alsop Usher (Webb's babysitter...a long time ago)

Greg & Whit said...

Ah, I'm still in denial about you moving far far away. But I can't wait to visit, looks fun!

Lauran said...

What? You are are moving to Ohio? Sad day... I never see even see you when you leave less than an hour away, when in the world am I going to see you if you live all the way in Ohio?

Congrats though. That is very exciting! Good luck with the new adventure.

Abby Neff said...

hahaha! I love it! I guess we will come and visit... we are super excited for you guys!

kONniKaLITa said...

my friend is serving her mission there and she loves it! we are journeying out there to visit her and hit up cedar point this summer!!!!! can't wait....i'll have to look you up when we get there!!! we'll miss you at the dog wash!

Sarah C. said...

I am not at all lying when I say I will come visit you if only to go to Cedar Point. That place looks so frightening and awesome, but mostly frightening. And also to come visit you, of course.

Lewis.Muriel.Lily said...

You are going to have such a blast! Cleveland looks like so much fun. Me and Eliza want to come visit!