Saturday, October 24, 2009

alter ego party + honk and waves

Being in the Webb family has kept me on my toes. One night in Lake Powell we were assembled around a fire and it came up that we all need alter egos. Phil and Andrew started it with Chuck Logan and Tony Malone being their pseudonyms for the BYU journal that they ran into the ground and the rest of us quickly followed.

Andrew is Tony Malone, the mafia reject, he’s from “da Bronx” (but really from Scranton, PA he just needs to sound legit), he has many struggling business ventures that are all funded by Ben Burgundy (James), he thinks that he’s a womanizer, wears 80’s track suits, gold chains and reebok high tops.

I am Olga Brukavich, an acrobat in the Russian circus. I think that I am kind of a big deal so I wear fur and diamonds everywhere. I date Tony Malone only because I want to be an American pop singer and Tony says that he’ll help me make it big with his “connections”.

On more of a serious note....
Mayor Webb is running for re-election!!!
go to to learn the facts
It's been a long and exhausting road but so much fun and such a great experience!
vote November 3rd

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Jacob said...

Oh my flipping gosh! Who is that dashing man in a black cha-cha outfit in the back? Anyone dressed like that must either be very secure in his manhood or married to someone very very persuasive.