Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've never been to Moab and if you haven't either I think it's high time you go. It's filled with subies-aka people who drive subaru's and wear cargo shorts with their tevas, amazing scenery, more mountain bikers than I've ever seen in my life, a creepy condemned water park, a meat shop called Ol' Geezers (gross), and a rock and gem show with some of the most amazing people I've ever seen in my life.

oh he's so cute!

We also found that there are about 2 good places to eat (the Moab Diner was awesome and Wendy's never disappoints) and 1 movie theatre with 3 choices, par-tay. Overall, Moab was awesome and Andrew was such a trooper for taking me and Abby.

this was the extent of my sexiness, i really suck at being sexy

We had a couple incidents, I cried because my boots/feet suck and Abby cried because her horse took off into the wilderness (Abby's cry was actually legit. My foot just hurt a little, I'm a big baby and not a cowgirl).

the cry babies, where's scot when you need him?

At one point, the moment of my babyness, Andrew even thought that he had made a mistake which was confirmed by my obsessive compulsive need to put makeup on in the morning and a night of sleeping in the trailer which I would never recommend unless you know what you're doing. "Does anyone else's back kill right now?" was the first thing we heard the next morning.

our wonderful abode for the night. Thank heavens for the Sleep Inn.

Despite the crying and the back pain this weekend just confirmed to me the desperate need we have to be on a ranch. Life would not be complete without our horses, 4 dogs, 2 barn cats, 1 potbelly pig, 2 pygmy goats and chickens. Andrew thinks that's a little excessive but I'm more optomistic.

here's to you Moab, here's to you

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Abby Neff said...

Haha Styles I love it! Where was Scot when I needed him. Thank you so much for letting me come. It was the time of my life! Yay for suby's and tevas! I love MOAB!