Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the invalids


That's what I have been for the past week. sick. Not just sick but I'm pretty sure it was the flu. And because I am prego I can't take any form of medication other than extra strength Tylenol and Tums. I hate Tums so much. Just when it was getting really bad A and his dad gave me a blessing and things started to look up. I wasn't miraculously healed right then and there but things got a whole lot better. Thank heavens for those two and their priesthood, that's all I can say. And I am happy to report that I am on the upswing. Hopefully just a day of taking it easy and I'll be back to normal.

In other terrible, awful news...Kipling has also been recovering. He got neutered and had eye surgery. I surprisingly have quite a few shots of his "kiwis" but I thought that might be inappropriate.

so here's a shot of two actual kiwis and you can let your imagination do the rest
You'll never look at a whole kiwi the same way.

We were planning on studding the sweet guy out but with this genetic eye condition he has we would rather not pass on those genes to other bulldogs. I'm still a little bummed because we could have made a lot of money but that's responsible breeding. Ho hum.

A's youngest brother James has done the amazing! A HUGE congrats needs to go to him and the Olympus High soccer team for their semi final win yesterday against Mountain View (my high school's big rival). James scored the winning (and only) goal and they are going to STATE!!! Thursday is the big game and I am so glad I am feeling better so I can go. This is awesome! CONGRATS JEEMS!!! Here's the Deseret News article on the big win.

To explain a little more how big of a deal this is to the Webb fam here's an email A sent to his family about James. 
"It took six kids but we finally got to an athlete!!!!! James did it for all of us and our missed goals, 10 minute miles, triple bogeys, and purple diving speedos." 

Need I remind anyone of the time A showed up to his middle school soccer team try-outs in cleats and had to run the mile in them. 4 laps around the track, clicking (and probably wincing) as he went. He was the laughing stock of Providence Middle School for quite some time. We still haven't lived that one down.

Good job Jeems! We are so proud of you!

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