Saturday, May 12, 2012

25 weeks

the babe is the size of an eggplant

How far along? 25 1/2 Weeks
Total weight gain: I don't really know, our scale is in a box somewhere in the barn. probably 12-15 lbs but feels like 100.
Maternity clothes? not yet, I'm trying to get away with whatever I already own with stretchy waist bands.
Stretch marks? yep, just a few but :(
Sleep: yes please, I go to bed around 9 pm and wake up at 6:30 am but I sleep well during that time.
Best moment this week: moving to Utah, settling in at the ranch and seeing all the friends and family we've missed so much!

Miss Anything? having energy, fitting into my clothes, sushi
Movement: Lots of little jabs, just letting mommy know she's doing good in there.
Food cravings: donuts, fruit, salad, ice cream, honey, a.k.a. everything
Anything making you queasy or sick: everything gives me major heartburn, bring on the tums!
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Everyone said that my hair/nails/skin were supposed to get long and thick and "glow" but pregnancy has the exact opposite effect on me. Stringy dull hair that sheds like crazy, my nails are slightly weaker and my skin...oy vey, I should be a "before" shot on the Proactive commercials. Pregnancy does not become me. (and yes, I am taking prenatals everyday.)
Belly Button in or out? I just checked, still in barely.
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I'm having an emotional week so about half and half
Looking forward to: Mother's Day with the Webb's and skyping with John in Italy

I told A that "this is my jam right now" on our drive west and he laughed at me but it's my "go to" song at the moment

and I'm reading this, it's sweet


PJ Evers said...

Oh Krystal, I love the way you are taking the profile chronicles of you and this sweet baby! So fun! Heartburn. Yup. Been there. Totally understand. I never even knew what heartburn was until pregnancy. Glad you got back to Utah ok.

April Galbraith said...

Krystal...thanks for the update!!!