Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's Spring on Ludlow Road my friends!!!

In other news, A and I celebrated Thursday of last week by going to Momocho and wow, I love guac now. If you live/visit the Cleve, you must go to that place along with 50 other amazing food establishments that we love here. Our loves so far include...Captain Tony's, Yours Truly, Melt, Brio, Stir Crazy, DiBella's, Zocalo, Brasa, Mary Yoder's, Presti's, Tommy's, B Spot, Trattoria, Dewey's, Bogo Pizza, Abuelo's, BD's Mongolian BBQ, and of course Chic-fil-A, Chipotle and 5 Guys are wonderful no matter where you are. We use Urban spoon for inspiration and it has been a lifesaver.

We still have so many places to try. Any suggestions from you Clevelanders??? 


Mary said...

Awesome! Thanks for all of the tips on where to go! Have you tried the Beat Cake at the PUB on Lee? I haven't, but we're going in a few weeks. I hear it's to die for!

Krystal Rose Webb said...

Mary, I've never even heard of the PUB!? That will be our next stop! Where else do you guys like?