Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#4 goals

After my conclusion list last week I got thinking about #4 on that list.
Right now I feel like I have none. Well, maybe a few but nothing that I'm really forward to. My most important goal right now is to make enough money to be able to pay rent every month. Exciting right?

So I took a few minutes this last week to think about what I really would like to happen in the next 5 to 10 years.

I'm thinkin something along these lines...
the Bianchi Dama Bianca
so I can work on my fitness in style

with a little bit of this...

I'll take her!

go on an African safari

and to Brazil with my honey

learn to ski (snowboarding is not good for my body anymore)
doesn't that just look lovely?!

have a veggie garden and some chitens,
of course we are going to have to have a fabulous house to go along with those things :)
and maybe some babies too
and another dog

and last but not least...
oh you forgot that we have yak didn't you? so did I.
In the next 5-10 years I would like to figure out what to do with these things.

Maybe learn how to ride one, or I'll probably just stick to horses.
Maybe learn how to milk one, that will be interesting. I'll make sure and record that experience.
Speaking of the yakkity yak. Andrew has been working hard at getting the website up.
Haven Springs Yak Ranch let me know what you think!!!

In the mean time, I'll probably just stick to what I'm good at.
Yak burgers anyone?


Danielle said...

That yak website is looking pretty good!

London said...

Just found your blog and totally had to laugh at Yak Burgers. The bike, yes if you get one I will for sure be jealous!

Greg & Whit said...

mmm.. yak burgers! You should buy a bike and bring it to Utah this summer so we can go on rides together. We can trek up the canyon with breadsticks (who wants to be too healthy, right?) and go swimming.