Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break baby

These last two weeks have been wonderful. A and I went to visit my Gpa, Aunt Valerie and Uncle Joe in Maui over Spring Break.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?
he knows what I'm talkin about

Maui just does something to people's minds. There is no time there, it doesn't matter if it's 10 am or 10 pm, Friday or Monday... who cares? It's all good baby, you're in Maui.
It feels like a time space continuum (whatever that means). I didn't think about work or responsibility the entire time and it was a-MAZ-ing! We went to Lappert's and got ice cream everyday, strolled along the boardwalk in Lahaina, swam, snorkled, boogie boarded, ate like kings (thanks to Gpa) and got our tan on.

One day we rented a Harley and rode upcountry to Paia where we ate at Cafe good, shopped in Makawo, rode the Hana highway and went on a little hike/swim at Twin Falls.

then dun...dun...dun...a huge 8.9 earthquake rocked Japan. A and I couldn't take our eyes off of the news. has the best coverage that I've found. We keep praying for the people affected. Oh how this breaks my heart.

We were actually told that we needed to evacuate bc of the tsunami warning but we decided to stick it out and watch the news for updates. Luckily the tsunami was only a few feet and didn't cause any significant issues throughout the islands. But we were prepared just in case with candy and POG and we brought in the patio furniture just to be safe.

Now we are back and ready to tackle the last month and a half of the semester (well, A is, I'm just here for the ride).

Margi, sweet Margi, at the last second took Kipling for us while we were gone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are fabulous and I think K already misses his best friend Dodge!

I am going back to work tomorrow, hopefully my jet lag isn't too bad. A is passed out on the couch because he didn't sleep a wink on the red eye. Oh and btw, I totally saw Joey Fatone from NSync at LAX, no big. Just how I roll.

Oh and good news! The first yak baby was born this weekend, when I asked what his (the baby yak's) name was Dennis said "Top Dollar". I would have gone with Blackie or Oreo but that's just me.

Happy Daylight Savings! Spring forward. 
It's almost Spring...please...hurry...I can't make it much longeeeeerrrrrr....

I thought this was funny and a little too similar to how I'm feeling right now.


Janelle said...

I love the graph at the end.

Glad you guys made it home safely!

Jacqueline Clark said...

Haha that graph is hilarious! Glad you guys are ok. I have that same swimsuit by the way :)

Sarah C. said...

I am infinitely jealous. You have no idea. It's now my spring break and I've got a cold sore AND bronchitis. FML, Krystal. If only you were here to nurse me on our Tuesday night dinners!!! What inhumanity!