Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A and I had a slightly belated yet fun Vday. I got A sick so we postponed our celebrations until he could taste food.  He surprised me with gorgeous roses, chocolates and dinner at a fabulous Brazilian place downtown.
He also slipped the host a Benjamin to get the nicest table in the joint. That's how we roll. 

Don't worry, this photo has nothing to do with Vday...Saturday morning we woke up with no power so this is what our candlelit living room looks like. A is in the chair by the windows. Can't see him? Oh me neither. It felt kind of romantic and a little like a scene in a horror movie. I wouldn't have done well before electricity.  
Don't fret, we are all powered up now. I've never been so happy to flip on a lightswitch.

Then on Sunday Mother Nature delivered a present. Lucky Cleve. She sure does have a sense of humor. 50 degrees one day then BAM, back down to 0. She's just reminding us of who's the boss around here.
At least it was gorgeous. Everything was covered in ice. (including our car, not so cool) The trees all have little icicles and at night they sparkle. Just gorgeous darling.

In one week we will be soaking up some rays though. Which I most definitely prefer.


Lewis.Muriel.Lily said...

Sounds like you guys had a great V-day! And seriously Krystal your photos are amazing and can I please steal your dog!!! So stinkin cute!

Mary said...

Krystal, you have a blog! Well, I'm not surprised, because everyone does, but I found yours. Did you hear we're not comps anymore? It was short and sweet. Thanks for being awesome.

Anyway, what is this amazing Brazilian place downtown that you speak of? I've gotta know.

Krystal said...

Mary, it's called Braza or something like that. It's fabulous!

Do you have a blog?!