Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 20th Lil'Enny!

It is my younger brother's birthday today! Whoo hoo! Party time!
Aaron is one of my best friends. He is crazy, funny, an adrenaline junkie, talented, smart, one of the hardest workers that I know, has the best heart and is a fabulous brother. He forced my parents to make us "play" the silent game at least a few times a day when we were growing up. (he always lost) He watched The Rescuers Down Under and Peter Pan almost every day when we were little. He gave me half of his go cart for my 12th birthday. He has sushi boardshorts. He's an eagle scout. He's gone lobster diving, has his pilot's license and is a total stud. He has a white fang dog. He took care of our mom everyday while she was sick for almost a year. He always has at least 2 motorcycles. He loves adventures. He can husk a coconut on a rebar. He's the funny one in the family. He calls me just to say hi. He is the BEST younger brother a girl could ask for.

This is Andrew: Aaron is kind. Everybody knows it. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so kind because then I wouldn't feel as bad beating him up. Aaron enjoys making others happy--especially his family. He is a calming spirit. He loves life and has an enduring obsession with the next "big thing", be it planes, puppies, or motorcycles. Women be forewarned--you might be in his way of the something far bigger. He is, afterall, a renaissance man (and men with talents can't be distracted). He loves dogs, horses, and shooting muskrats at the ranch. Aaron, you are a butthead.


this doesn't have a whole lot to do with Aaron's birthday
other than I told him I'd show him some footage of Kipling's fury.

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Greg & Whit said...

Yay Happy Birthday Aaron- the little brother I never had! I love the post!