Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

1/1/11 what the? where did that come from? aren't we supposed to be living like this by now?

Kipling and I are lounging today. I don't have work, no errands to run and I am not cleaning. You hear that?! I am NOT cleaning! Whew, glad to get that off my chest. If only I had a robot maid like the Jetsons. Sigh.

Andrew is still in Utah. Hi sweetie! Come back to the Cleve right now please. I can only watch so many hours of Netflix before my brain turns to mush! Kisses!

Anyways, how was your Christmas? Did you get anything that made you feel like a little kid again?

I sure didn't, but I did get this...

Andrew and I got yak for Christmas. Andrew's dad currently owns the largest yak herd in the US.
No, I am not kidding and yes, I am being serious. Andrew and I now have a herd of about 9 yak. We are official yak ranchers.

You can stop laughing now.

Seriously, stop.

It wasn't what we expected but well, it is what it is. We're excited to have a herd of our own and I guess we'll just see how this goes.

So if you ever need a yak just let me know. Like for your upcoming wedding perhaps...

Danielle and Michael, this could be you!!!

BTW, my lovely Danielle and Michael are engaged! Congrats you two!
I can hook you guys up with a yak, just sayin'.

In other exciting news, James got a puppy for Christmas! His name is Chester and he's so sweet.

And Jared gave Aaron and my dad a remote helicopter which they were really excited about.

We also saw
and loved it minus the annoying BYU kids sitting behind us giving commentary the entire time.
Thanks guys, we would have missed all of the exciting parts if you 
weren't there to let us know what was going on. You're the best.

I also wento to dinner with Whitney, her mom and Diane.
Miss you Whit face!

Merry Christmas, from the Webbs and Yuki and Jaxx. 
I think Yuki is marking his territory. Get it done little buddy.

Now I'm back in the Cleve, grateful that the holidays are almost behind us. I only say that because work is crazy with all of the returning and exchanging and "I don't have a receipt or any proof of purchase for my UGGs but you need to take them back or I will throw a fit." Retail has made me a grinch, can you tell?

Kipling and I partied it up last night, ringing in the New Year with Captain Tony's, a cold Coca Cola classic and Netflix. Whoo hoo, party time.

Happy New Year from the Cleve!


Katie Blacker said...

after reading this, I am kind of in love with you. I've always wanted to be friends with someone who had yak connections...haha. that is amazing!

hope you are doin ok with out your man. Call me if you need anything!

Krystal Rose Webb said...

Thanks Katie, if you ever find yourself in need of yak milk, meat or wool or a yak ride somewhere just let me know. I'll totally hook you up.