Sunday, January 23, 2011

[insert pithy title here]

it's still freezing here

brrr... I'm cold just thinking about how cold it is.
Oh wait, I'm cold because of the drafty window I'm sitting next to, my bad.

The high this week was around 19 degrees. Even the fire hydrant thinks this is insanely cold.
But we decided to venture out into the great unknown
aka Downtown Cleve and go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thank you Bruce Springsteen, thank you.

that's my Elvis dance, I love him.

and no post of mine would be complete without an update on Kipling.
He's good, loves to wrestle on the bed with A and
yes, I did photoshop that picture of me so I wouldn't be so pasty.

A got a little rough with him last week and ripped one of K's teeth out.
Poor boy, I'm sure he'll survive.
We bought him a new bed for the living room and he hasn't left it since (photos to come).

Hope you aren't as cold as we are!!! Ciao for now.


Cindy said...

Sooo, I guess an invitation for you to visit us in NH would be fruitless (where the high tomorrow is 5 and we are expecting ANOTHER 18 in of snow) Enjoy your moderate climate there in the Cleve :)

PJ Evers said...

CA weather report: 69 in SacTown on Saturday. So sorry Krystal & Cindy!
(We still have some cold and rain to go so I don't report that temp too smuggly!)

Krystal Rose Webb said...

Cindy, as much as we love you, maybe we'll stick with the Cleve for the time being. Please don't turn into an icicle!

PJ, I'm crying right now. 69 really? What's it like?

Bryan and Laura Taylor said...

Cute little tooth:) He is one lucky dog, that's for sure. Sorry you're so cold. I hate drafty windows!

April said...

Hi Krystal, I read on msn news (or somewhere online) that Cleveland was the 2nd coldest in the nation. Stay warm. We are praying for warmer weather....the older we get the colder it is...LOL

Emily Maria said...

I love your blog! I am so excited I found it! Your dog is adorable. I just love bulldogs!