Thursday, January 28, 2010

the babe with the power

My sister in law, Rose, and my dad's only grandchild, Tyler, are in Utah for a bit and I got to spend the ENTIRE day Tuesday with them!!! It was so much fun! Tyler, not to brag, (okay, maybe a little) is so smart and outgoing and probably the cutest little boy in the world. We'll take any of you on :) On Saturday, he read the entire Polar Express book to Aaron and me by memory. I can't get enough of him!!!

So here's our Tuesday...

We went to Grandma Vickie's grave and trudged through the snow

Tyler told Grandma Vickie all about his busy year, what he was for Halloween, he sang her "Happy Birthday" and "The Polar Express" song, all about how he pooped in the potty, how old he turned this year and he even blew kisses to her.

Me: "This is so great!" Tyler: "You're crazy, put me down"

Then the fun happened...we went to Chuck E Cheese!

Tyler's favorite was the car games

What a happy boy

Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Garnder were spending the night at my dad's house before they made their trek down to Saint George for the rest of winter so we had a big dinner and music session with them!

Tyler got a new truck with a fifth wheel and ATV's from Grandpa Kim

I love my grandpa's stories

Well that pretty much sums up my Tuesday. What more could a girl ask for?


Greg & Whit said...

I love your cute grandpa! So much fun, and Tyler is getting so big!

Jacqueline Clark said...

Your nephew is too cute!

Abby Neff said...

Oh my gosh he has gotten so big!

Stacey said...

Tyler is ADORABLE! And I'm sure you scored some big "favorite aunt" points by taking him to Chuck E Cheese... Cindy will be doing the same tomorrow with Scott and Charlotte :)

PJ Evers said...

What a wonderful, heartwarming post! Yup, Tyler is adorable!