Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sledding with the babes

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day we headed up to the GR for some fun! Andrew and I bought an iFlip on Saturday because we can't figure out our nice video camera. Luckily, someone in MA wanted the nice one so we sold it on Amazon. I love Amazon, and our new video camera!!! The videos are a little jumpy so if you have a weak stomach I would beware :)

In this one Andrew is driving beside Phil and the girls (Emma and Leah) on the snowmobile as they go down.

Andrew is holding the camera along with the babes. I love Miss Em's screams of terror.

As you can tell, we're still getting the hang of it but we absolutely love it!


Micaela said...

I laugh out loud every time Andrew says "Actually, that's kind of fast." HA! What great footage. Thank you!

Krystal Rose Webb said...

Your children are in such able hands.

Abby Neff said...

Oh man I love it. What a party

Jacqueline Clark said...

Fun! Looks like you guys had a blast.