Friday, November 20, 2009

all I want for Christmas

Most of you probably already know that I love dogs. Today as I was walking to my car a little puppy runs up to me to play and my heart just melted. I almost shoved the 6 year old boy to the ground and took off with his pup but luckily my senses kicked in and I realized that I would probably be arrested so that plan was foiled.

Darn those police.

So instead of tramatizing a child for life I decided to compile a list of my most favorite dogs that I will have in my lifetime. In no particular order...

Labrador/Golden Retriever: I grew up with a lab and she will always be my favorite (sorry Yuki dog)  
Basset Hound
English Pointer
Irish Setter
Scottish Terrier
Bull Terrier
Great Dane
Greater Swiss Mountain 
French Bulldog

 who wouldn't want to take them home?
more to come soon, probably


Sarah C. said...

The pigs ruin everything, Krystal. Everything.

I noticed that a cocker spaniel wasn't on that list. Doesn't Cody mean anything to you?! Don't worry, I'll keep this heartbreaking revelation from him--he couldn't handle a blow like that in his advanced age.

Krystal said...

if i could just have cody i would love a cocker spaniel but not unless it's cody. :)

Sarah C. said...

Good enough.

(that was a nice save)