Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's sad, it took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to spell hallelujah. Don't worry, I'm in college. On a different note I passed my classes!!! Yipee! I am so happy! With everything going on with my mom I wasn't sure if it would really happen but I got 2 A's and 2 B-'s. I'm kind of sad about the B-'s but I'm at the point where I just want to get out of here so as long as I pass, I'm fine.

Last weekend was the UVU car show at Thanksgiving Point. My dad has been working on his Datsun 280Z and got it ready just in time. (His car is for sale if anyone is interested, please someone buy it!)It was really fun to walk around and see all of the cool cars and all of the cool mullets!

My future ride :)

Also Aaron had his seminary graduation on Sunday so Andrew and I went down. It was fun to see him. His high school graduation is May 28th if anyone wants to come! We're getting him skydiving for his graduation present, it's going to be awesome!

On Tuesday all of the girls in Andrew's family got together and got pedicures! It was so fun and my toes look so cute for the first time since I got married! I love pedicures until it comes to the pumice stone part. I freak out everytime. I told myself that I wouldn't be ticklish but that didn't happen. The poor girl had to deal with my laughing and squirming the whole time! But it was so worth it! Thanks Martsie! Love you girls!


Ryan, Cindy, and Baby Christian said...

Does your dad stil have his sweet corvette? I never saw it drive, I just gazed at it longingly sitting in the driveway under the car cover.

Krystal said...

yes he does! I'm so surprised that you haven't been in it yet! It's calling your name :)