Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, it's been a crazy little while. I have had the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows these last couple of months. I have realized that it takes a tragedy to understand how many people care and I was surprised by how many people actually do care. When my mom died it was a sense of relief in my family. We had watched her suffer since last November and prayed that the Lord would take her quickly. Even though those were my last prayers I miss her more than anything and feel the void in my life now that she's gone. Her spirit of happiness and hope is still with us though and that makes me so happy! If you knew my mom you understand that she was a remarkable woman full of fight and life. The whole process was exhausting and I am glad that it is over but I miss being surrounded by my family, especially her. There are so many details that I won't recount but overall it was all incredible. Thank you to everyone who sent notes, prayers, flowers, smiles and love. Thank you for understanding that I have been a little preoccupied this past year and being patient with me. Especially Andrew, he has been a more than perfect husband since we've been married and an even better friend. He lets me cry as much as I need to, hugs me when I'm sad and/or happy and puts up with the craziness of my life. I can't imagine just getting into a family and then having this happen. He has really stepped up and taken the reigns for me in more areas than I can explain. He is the most amazing husband in the world and I am so grateful to be married to him! We went to go visit her grave yesterday and bring her flowers and to our surprise Diane was sitting there already so we just hung out with her and talked about how we need to stay close and help each other through all of this. Diane has been in my life for over half of it and is like a second mom to me. I love her so much and I was so grateful that she was there to sit and cry with me while Andrew got us pizza. I had so much fun and I am excited for Star Trek this week!

Other things have happened to us these past couple months that have been pretty amazing! Andrew bought a motorcycle, it's a Yamaha V-Star that is super sexy :) and I'm totally a biker mama now.

My brother Jared and his wife Rose and their baby Tyler came out for the events and it was so fun! I am officially known as the candy aunt now because I give Tyler candy in exchange for his love. I know how this all works and I am more than willing to sacrifice health for the coveted spot as the favorite. We also celebrated Jared's birthday by going to dinner and having the best cake ever made by Rose! I miss them so much!

Yesterday Andrew and I took out the horses for the first official ride of the season! I found a birds nest with little tiny baby birds in the hitch of the trailer and Andrew had to move it to a nearby tree. He's so sweet!
The horses all look so great with their new summer coats and Cisco and Duchess did surprisingly well considering it's the beginning of the season and they haven't been ridden in about 7 months. We went up Highway 40 past Heber right before Daniel's Summit to a place called Center Creek. It was a fairly easy ride and even though everything is still dead it was gorgeous! The creek was running and the grass was green. The weather ended up being perfect, warm with a slight breeze, and I didn't even loose my sunglasses that were on top of my head when we were galloping. I was pretty impressed with myself. :) We are so blessed to be able to do this thanks to Andrew's parents.

And Happy Mother's Day to you all, especially Sister Cooper who had her baby boy today! We are so excited for you! And to all of my adopted mother's: Diane, Patty, PJ, Christy, Aunt Valerie, Lil, Martsie, Myrna, Kathy, Nancy and all of the rest of you, I love you sooo much!!!


Lisa Michelle said...

Krystal, I was so sorry to hear about your mom. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow. You are such a beautiful person--inside and out. I can definitely see you got that from your mother. Thank you for posting!

Stacey said...

Hey Krystal! My mom shared your blog with me and I was so touched to read this post... Vickie was like a second mom to me, especially during my BYU years. I always knew I could come up to your house and feel like I was home. So now every time I look at my own Responsible Woman picture, I think of sitting at your kitchen table and being with your mom and your sweet family.

Lizzie. said...

Krystal I have been wanting to tell you and haven't had the chance yet but I am so sorry about your Mom. I hope you are doing well, it was really touching to read your blog post and I'm happy you were able to be with family this past weekend. You are just an awesome girl and I'm so happy you are my sister's sister in Law!

Lewis.Muriel.Ollie said...

Hey Krystal it's Muriel! My mom gave me your blog website and I am so happy that she did! I don't even know where to begin! You are such an amazing young women who has accomplished so much in your life and I know that your mom is so proud of you! I must say that you have been such an example to me especially throughout the last months of your moms life! You were always there for her and you always seemed so strong! I couldn't help but feel the spirit while reading through your latest post! Your mom was such an amazing woman and she will be deeply missed! I want you to know that my family and I will always be there for you guys no matter what! We love you guys!

Ryan, Cindy, and Baby Christian said...

Hi Krystal! I'm so glad you found our blog! I miss you guys too. I really wanted to be there with your family during this difficult time, but Christian was just too little to travel.
What a sweet tribute to your Mom. I loved her dearly and was grateful to be so close to your family while I lived in Provo. You have grown into a beautiful young women and its great to see you and your cute husband so happy together!
Where are you moving to on the east coast? It is qite the culture shock, especially for us westerners. You are welcome to come visit us anytime, I would LOVE to show you around-we're only 45 min from Boston with lots of schools.
Say hi to your Dad, Jared, and Aaron for me!

Kelly Grace said...

HI Krystal! I am so glad you found our blog, and am excited that you have one too! It will be so nice to be able to catch up on your cute little married life! I am sorry about you mom. Jeff and I both love her so much and admired what a wonderful mother and friend she was. I always looked forward to our visits up to your house to see her and get the updates on you! I am glad that you have such a good support system and a wonderful husband to help get you through this hard time. You are in our thoughts ane prayers.
I hope sometime soon we can all get together. If you are ever in AZ come and visit us! Give everyone our love!

Lauran said...

Krystal I just wanted to tell you how incredibly much I love you! I seriously miss you so much. I can not believe how awful I have been and that we have barely seen each other much since high school. We need to get together SOON!!! Please, please, please call me and I will drop everything to do lunch or anything. I love you and hope you are doing well. You are always in my prayers!
Love, Wakie