Thursday, September 5, 2013

Party over here!

I grew up in a family that loved birthdays. We celebrated every birthday the same: my parents would decorate the house with the same birthday banner and a kind of creepy clown balloon that we had been using for all of our birthdays, most of the time my birthday landed on the first day or school so that was a real winner, dinner seemed to always be at Outback Steakhouse or Teppanyaki, then we would come home to a Jamoca fudge ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, singing and presents. I love birthdays! For SiSi's first birthday we wanted to do something fun so we decided to do a pool party. Everything was all set up by A's parent's pool and then the storm clouds came rolling in. We tried to sit it out but when the lighting hit we decided to take the party inside. It was pretty much pandemonium for the rest of the night but it was fun and SiSi was so happy! Too bad :( but it's okay, we'll take a rain check! Get it? Ha!

this is how cute it would have been...

I used a Sweet Tooth Fairy recipe for the double chocolate cupcakes here
the cupcakes were a little rich and dense for a children's birthday party but I thought they were good. I probably won't make them again though. The frosting I used will be my go-to frosting from now on though. It was amazing! Now if I can just find the recipe again...(story of my life!)

 SiSi was incredibly spoiled and enjoyed every second! Cousins everywhere, pink sequined everything, a rocking chair (Ikea), balloons and best of all her Granny and Grandma who know her so well got her a cell phone and a car. One going on 16. Heaven help us! The bottom right pictures she is texting and talking while driving. We need to have a chat SiSi.

Overall a huge success! Happy birthday to our little joy. 
Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!

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