Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day

We had a fun filled Labor Day doing absolutely no labor. Thanks to those who participated in the Labor movement for giving me a day in which I sit around and eat lots of food and hang out with my family! Yay for you!

We decided to go to the GR and enjoy the sunshine and the cool mountain air. A went riding with his dad and Phil. SiSi, Martsie and I stayed on the property and hung out with Micaela and her kids. It was the perfect weather and we enjoyed every minute of it. SiSi even had her first real 4wheeler ride and she loved it!

Then if that weren't enough, A's parent's threw a big BBQ pool party for the family that night and it was way too much fun. SiSi thinks she is Michael Phelps or something because she tries to swim all over the place. And of course this wouldn't be a Webb party if someone didn't jump off some kind of roof. Thanks John!
Hope you had a labor free and fun filled Labor Day too!

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