Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome 2013!

You know those years when New Year's hits and you say to yourself, "That was my year, this next year could never be as good as last year."? Yeah, we didn't say that about 2012. It wasn't a terrible year, just not the best. The best thing about last year was little SiSi, a bright glimmer of goodness, even then she's been tough at times. I was talking to my friend Tracie the other day and she said, "You know, no matter what kind of baby you have next it'll be cake." Amen sister.

I hadn't really thought of it that way but seriously, there's not a whole lot else you could throw at me when it comes to the baby department and I'd be surprised. (That being said, I still knock on wood that my next little one will be cake because you really never know.) Not that SiSi is horrible or anything but she has come with her fair share of difficulties. I'm just grateful that she is healthy. I had a friend in the Cleve that had a little baby girl that wouldn't gain any weight. They were in and out of the hospital with her for months and I think of them and all the other parents dealing with serious stuff and I remember what a weenie I am and how grateful I am for a healthy baby.

She's napping, and I love when she naps, but right now it's taking all of my willpower not to go wake her up and just cuddle with her. (She hates cuddling unless she's really tired or not feeling well.) Sometimes she'll do something really cute, make some cooing noise or smile really big, and I'll pull her close to give her a big hug and she'll literally push away from me and look around as if to say, "Not now mom, I've got stuff to do." It's in those moments that I reply, "I don't care, you'll cuddle with me if you like it or not!" and squish her and pretend that she likes it. I'm already becoming delusional, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

this is Siena "cuddling" with A, how presh.

Okay, and another thing that I am grateful for...that I recovered from giving birth (you mom's know what I'm talking about). Holy mackerel, there were moments during recovery where I thought that I would never sit comfortably or walk up stairs without cringing and riding a horse again seemed like a sick joke. But my dear friends, it does come, there is hope and yes, you will be able to live your life without painkillers and padsicles! Thank heavens.

Okay so this whole post was meant to recap 2012 but I kind of got off on a tangent. Sorry.

Back to 2012!!! (I stole this idea for my dear Danielle, just so you know.)

-I rang in the new year in the Cleve by myself (and K) lying flat on the floor calling the non-emergency police # because people were firing guns outside my apartment. Apparently that's a "thing" in our old neighborhood, most people kiss at midnight but they like to step it up a notch.
-A spent the entire month selling the #*@! yak.

-We told our families about the bun in the oven. They were just slightly excited.
-I went to Maui to visit my Gpa and Aunt Valerie and Uncle Joe.

-NYC!!! I need to go back. That trip was way too much fun! We even got to hang out with my lovely Danielle and her hubs Michael while we were there. I need NYC in my life.
-We found out that the babe was going to be a girl and I about died with excitement.

-My dearest Sarah got married in Utah so I spent a week there enjoying the festivities and my friends and family.
this is Danielle and me at Sarah's wedding. One reason why I love Danielle and Sarah so much is that in 10th grade we decided to do a science fair project that tested our theory of how the media negatively portrays women. We went to regionals at a local university and got kicked out because our board had advertisements from beauty magazines plastered on it of half dressed, photoshopped women and the judges called it "soft porn". That was during my rebellious stage, getting kicked out of a science fair was pretty legit and earned me a whole lot of street cred. Another tangent but an important one.
-We visited Palmyra, NY and it was amazing.

-A and I ate out pretty much every night in the month of April trying to pack all of our favorite restaurants in before we moved. Jekyll's, DiBella's, Mary Yoder's, Zocalo, Stir Crazy, Brio, anything in Little Italy, Lola, Lolita, FlipSide, B Spot, Captain Tony's...on and on and on.

-A graduated but we didn't stick around for him to walk. If you don't know A that's just how he is and he doesn't regret it for one second so no photos of the blessed event.
-We packed up our car and moved to the 801 and stopped by Nauvoo on our way home.

-Jazz games, A's brother James won the State Soccer Championship and I was still getting large with child.

-We all rejoiced when we finally arrived at the Ranch but I think Kipling was most excited. I think I bathed him every day in June. I couldn't even be mad at him either because I knew how happy he was.
- A carved our initials in a tree at the GR for our 4th wedding anniversary.

-We celebrated A's birthday by doing absolutely nothing.
-My dad got hitched.
-We went fishing in Southern Utah and A went fishing in MT with the guys.
-We went to the GR a lot and roasted mallows and hung out with horses.
-My little brother, Aaron, stayed with us for a few weeks while he recovered from knee surgery.

-The Webb women went to Sun Valley, ID for a quick getaway.
-SiSi arrived!
-I celebrated my 26th bday in the hospital

-SiSi and I visited my mom's grave on her bday
-A became the cutest dad possible
-I shot a muskrat and wrangled 4 escaped horses 2 weeks after having a baby #ranchlife
-We drove to Idaho to introduce SiSi to my Grandparents and attend my cousin's wedding

-the girl started smiling and melted our hearts.
-the last 4 yak vacated the premises.
-SiSi celebrated her first holiday as a bunny!
-Halloween Jazz game with A's parents, way too much fun.
-We headed to beautiful and warm southern Utah for a quick getaway.

-SiSi and I flew to CA to celebrate my Gpa's 91st birthday
-A blessed the girl in our church
-We took her to a new doctor and found out that she has really bad acid reflux so she started on some meds and became a different baby.
-A's brother got his mission call to Malaga, Spain.
-Thanksgiving with both families was wonderful.

-A almost got eaten by massive raccoons in the crawl space.
-Annual girl's night at the Nutcracker
-and of course...CHRISTMAS!!!

that's all folks!

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