Thursday, January 3, 2013

from Ho Ho Ho

A is asleep, it's 8 pm. He has the 24 hour flu that has been going around his family. Sad face. Normally, I would be all over him trying to help him get better but this time around I stayed way away so SiSi and I wouldn't get sick. Sorry sweetie, you're on your own.

SiSi is sleeping too. The house is quiet. It's wonderful. I'm watching Cupcake Wars on Hulu as I write this. Confession: I'm addicted to the Food Network.

Speaking of food...did you all have a good Christmas? We did! I ate so much and loved every second. And I so did not stick to my dairy-free diet. Sorry SiSi!

A is a breakfast king and made dutch babies with whipped cream and fresh berries for Christmas morning. Too good!!! 
K also enjoyed Christmas. His girlfriend, Josey, gave him a six foot rawhide bone. He's so spoiled.

As per Webb tradition the girls went to Ballet West's Nutcracker and it made me want to put a tutu on and dance like a sugar plum fairy. Wouldn't you like to see that? No, no you wouldn't.
Then we spent Christmas eve with A's family eating wonderful food and laughing until my cheeks hurt. SiSi was pretty cute too and enjoyed her first Christmas.

We spent Christmas with my family but I didn't take any photos because my dad got Mary Ann a new camera that is amazing so we used that and I haven't transferred the photos to my computer yet.

Also, A's brother John came home from his mission in Italy! I don't have photos of that yet either. But it'll come! It's so good having him home. He's a breath of fresh air to the family and it's like he's never left. It's great having him home.

That's all for tonight, Cupcake Wars is over and I'm exhausted. Goodnight all!!!

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