Monday, September 24, 2012

life on a ranch

A and I have had some mighty fine adventures since we've moved to the ranch. He shot 2 rock chucks in the middle of lunch a few weeks ago and asked if I could cook them up for, no. We were just having a lovely meal and next thing I know A is out the door with his new gun and I am watching a rock chuck die on the deck. Then he walks back in the house as if nothing has happened and finishes his food.

and I just had to throw this one in here, it's probably my favorite photo of him ever. sigh.

 I also had to get in on the rock chuck killing action. Siena was asleep in her swing and I saw this guy just lounging on the deck so I followed A's example, picked up his gun and just shot it. To be honest I think that is the first living thing I have ever shot with a gun. After I did it I didn't know what to do with it because I wasn't about to touch it so I called A and he walked me through the disposal process. so gross.

Then one morning while I was nursing SiSi I looked out the window and watched as one of the horses galloped merrily down our driveway toward the road. So I put the girl in her swing (that blessed swing) and went to round up 4 horses in my pj's and slippers. 

and then there is Kipling and his yak horn...

Sometimes I feel like my life too closely mirrors the Beverly Hillbillies or an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (oh the horror). 

We're already training for next years redneck olympics, YEE HAW!


Emily and Seth said...

Behind the dead rock chuck, you guys have a beautiful view! I hope we'll be able to come visit someday. And I am glad you put Siena down before you shot the rock chuck. I bet you made Andrew proud! :) What is the difference between a rock chuck and a wood chuck? I sure love you rednecks!

The Holdaway's said...

Your posts crack me up! Siena is adorable!