Monday, September 24, 2012

1 week old photos

A was the artistic director of the bottom right shot ^. You're eyes aren't mistaken you, that's a gun and a fishing rod. Please don't call Child Protective Services on us.
this is my best friend Whitney and her little cherub, Rees. Her sister, Courtney, was the photographer and did an amazing job if I do say so myself. Here's her website if anyone is looking for a photographer in Utah.

Oh little SiSi, you are so loved


Emily and Seth said...

These pics are soo beautiful! I can hardly believe how amazing you look 1 week after delivery! Seriously your hair looks so good. Leave it to Andrew to put a gun and fishing rod in a photo of your newborn. She can look forward to that in her upcoming life :)Your photographer did a great job! Wish we had her here to take pics of John. But, maybe 2 month pics. At 1 week, I still couldn't walk, so that wasn't happening! But now I can, so we'll have to get some good family photos taken soon

Cindy said...

She is adorable, congratulations! You look beautiful, too!