Friday, July 27, 2012

yer killin' me Smalls

Yesterday I imported some photos from A's phone to my computer and ran across these...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I truly, madly, deeply miss the Cleve (aka Captain Tony's) right now.
I'm going to open a Captain Tony's in Utah, it's settled.

Next on the agenda:
Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
He hates it when he get attention for his bday but I just can't help it. It was last Friday and what did we do for his bday? He did his first training for his company in the morning and it went so well, I am such a proud wife, and then we went home and did nothing. Seriously, we did absolutely nothing for 2 days and it was marvelous! We sat around and watched tv, ate out, took naps, absolutely marvelous I tell you! Happy birthday my love, kiss your face!

Here are some straggler photos from our Green River and Montana fishing trips from A's phone.

The Madison in Montana

this one is from the Green and it just makes me laugh
                                 smile!                                                                                 oops...

We went and roasted mallows last week at the GR. It was so good I even raised my s'more to the heavens and yelled, "YES!!!!!!!!" Luckily, the neighbors are far enough away they couldn't hear me and call the looney bin to come pick me up. Oh how I love s'mores.

and I love The Sandlot

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Emily and Seth said...

the Cleve is missing you too...or maybe just me. We watched the Sandlot on the 4th of July. It's a tradition. Hope you're having a great time on the ranch and floating in the pond :) I told Seth today that I think you might have your baby before I do! ... No seriously, that's what it feels like :) Hopefully he'll come this weekend. Until then, I'm going to eat Grater's coconut icecream and watch the olympics.