Sunday, November 18, 2012

Siena's blessing

Last Sunday, November 11th, A blessed our little Miss and it was beautiful. He spoke about her tenderness and independence, the joy that she will bring to those around her and that in her life she will experience miraculous things, just to name a few. It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely her.

Our families braved a terrible snow storm to be in Heber at 9 am. The things they do for us :)

the menu was an awesome mix of breakfast foods... a parfait bar, mini quiches, hot chocolate mini cupcakes, pastries, powdered donuts (please don't leave me Hostess!!!), crock pot hot cocoa, fresh fruit and the cutest chocolate covered pretzels ever made by Mary Ann. Thank you to everyone for helping out!
we didn't take a ton of photos but these are just a few of the family members.

the many faces of SiSi.

Here's the best photo of her whole outfit. She looked pretty cute if I do say so.

Happy day, happy family.


Katie Blacker said...

she is sooooo darling. And she looks exactly like you both. So beautiful.

Greg & Whit said...

SiSi looks so beautiful in these pictures! The outfit turned out SO cute too! I am really sad we weren't able to make it.

Emily and Seth said...

Love the outfit! What a beauty :) glad it went well and that you got to spend time with your family