Sunday, December 5, 2010

a friend?

meet Bear
"hi Bear"

tonight Adam aka The Army Guy, one of Andrew's good friends in his program, came over to study. He brought with him Bear, a 130 pound Anatolian. I am in love with Bear.

He was not so in love with Kipling.

"How have I been reduced to this?"

The Gentlemen's Club

It was nonstop torture for Bear, poor guy, he was so sweet to Kipling though.
"hey Bear, wanna see my room? wanna play with my toys? I know a really cool game, wanna play? do you want to see my bone? do you like rawhide? I've got like a thousand rawhide bones. wanna see?"
"please get me out of here, I'll do anything."

eventually the homework ended and Bear escaped,
Kipling immediately crashed and is counting the days until another friend/victim arrives.

until then you'll just have to deal with us buddy, sorry.

I would like to see one of these under the tree in about 20 days...sweetie, d'ya get that?

just sayin'

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