Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's/President's Day

There's lots to catch up on! Since our last post we have moved into a house about 4 blocks away from our old apartment. It's so cute and I totally love it! We are still in the same ward which is so nice because we love it. The story is kind of crazy because we sold our contract to our old apartment and realized that we had to find a place to live in about a week! I was totally stressed and one day I got a phone call from a woman saying that someone in our ward had given her our number and she had this great house for rent. She told me a little about it and I was so sad because it sounded way too expensive. So I told her that I appreciated her calling but that we could only afford a certain amount. She asked how much we were looking to spend and when I told her she said that we could do that. So Andrew and I rushed over to the house and fell in love! We told them that we'd take it and we started moving in a couple days later!!! It is such a blessing and we know that the Lord is keeping us in our ward for a reason.

We had such a fun Valentines/President's Day weekend! Andrew gave me my present early so I could use it the next day. He got me flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, a little bear I named V and new snow boots!!! I was so excited because my old snow boots are from the 80's and what girl doesn't love flowers and chocolates?!

Our newest hobby is sledding at the GR. There is a huge hill and the boys built a jump that just about kills you every time! These are some of our finer spills...


Aaron before

Aaron after

my graceful tumble

The GR has been such a blessing to us. We would be so bored without it :)


Lisa Michelle said...

That last picture is so cute. Thanks for the update! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!

4webbsontheweb said...

Man that looks like too much fun. Wish we were there in the freezing cold snow. Instead we have 80 degree sun. Sound enticing? You should come visit. The kids miss you!