Friday, November 28, 2008

Franny and the Traz.

Andrew and I went to San Francisco last week with my family to visit my Grandpa and go to his annual company party. Andrew had never been to Franny, as he likes to call it, and we tried our best to make his trip enjoyable! We went to Alcatraz aka the Traz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Warf, Chinatown and many more!

I don't know why this picture is with our California trip pictures. Probably because Andrew loves his mustache.
He looks like he belongs at the Traz.

The GGB with my dad and my brother

The Traz

At the Stanford Museum of Fine Arts, it reminded us of DC when we went to 500 museums in 5 days and this was Andrew's standard position while I meandered around.

At the top of the Hoover Tower at Stanford

This video is of Andrew rocking out karaoke style with his new friends at the party. They did Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkel and Elvis Presley while my family stuck to Bill Joel's Pianoman. Tommy and John were Andrew's back up singers but John decided to not do a Neil song because it "wasn't in his key" Who cares? It's Karaoke!

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Lisa Michelle said...

So fun! This summer, I worked down the street from the Cantor Center (Stanford Museum). I'm sad I never took Bryan there, but I'm 100% sure he would end up looking exactly like yours did! :)