Friday, January 3, 2014

Photo dump

Happy New Year! The last few months have been really exciting, hence the no blogging. We've been managing the finishing touches on the house, packing up and moving in, Halloween, St. George, decorating, Thanksgiving, decorating some more, Christmas, St. George again, New Years and then taking down all of the decorations. It's been busy but it's been so fun. The big news is that we are fully in our home and we love it! We've had a few plumbing issues but other than that it has been a really wonderful transition. SiSi has missed having people around but we try and get together with friends and family as often as possible so she doesn't get too bored with me. She sure is growing up and it is so fun to watch her become a little girl. She is saying so many words and can do so much on her own. She is a good mix between me and Andrew. She has Andrew's fun personality and tries so hard to keep up with her older cousins but she is definitely still a mama's girl. This post is pretty much a picture dump, hope you enjoy!

Gardner Village with Abby and Michael

 Halloween-SiSi was a ladybug, Andrew was stage crew for an 80's hair band, Kipling was a bat and I was a witch.

 Webb annual Cowboy Poetry-Andrew recited a Baxter Black poem and it was great and then he got called up to perform with Firefly, our musical guest. I think they are going to ask him to tour with them.

 Saint George

the Webb girls at Tai Pan

Kipling thinks he is a pointer

 Playing in the snow

Ward Christmas party

picking out our tree, family Christmas parties, Christmas Day!

 talking to Elder Webb in Malaga, Spain

The Webb men at Mayor Webb's farewell dinner. handsome bunch!

That is it for the moment, one of my resolutions for the new year is to be better at blogging so you don't get strange posts like this. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Love from us!
Happy New Year!

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Whitney Olsen said...

love the picture of SiSi with Santa, so funny! Im so excited to see you soon!