Monday, August 12, 2013

Adulthood 101: We bought a house!

I haven't blogged in a while because well, we bought a house! We have finally joined adulthood and are living in the burbs. My days are now filled with meeting contractors, picking out granite and choosing what shade of grey I like the best. Middle class problems right?

But seriously, I'm loving every minute of it! Andrew and I have been married for 5 years now and we are finally settling down for longer than a year. We've had 8 moves so far and I am so excited to not have to move for a while and I get to unpack all of my things that have grown dusty in the barn for 3 years. It'll all probably end up going to D.I. because who really needs all that stuff but I'm excited to unearth it.

The home was built in the 50's and needs quite a bit of work so we are going to stay living at A's parent's home for another month or two until the blessed day comes! Thank goodness for my in-laws, they are saints. I think they are just slightly excited for us to move out.

The home is in Holladay and in a really cute neighborhood. We already know quite a few people who live close to us and we heard that there are a lot of young kids in the area so we are ecstatic. Maybe we will make friends and stop being so anti-social. We'll see.

Here are some photos of the new Webb estate.


Living room

Converted garage/bonus room



upstairs bathroom

Family room


2nd bedroom upstairs

3rd bedroom upstairs

There are two additional bedrooms, a bathroom, cold storage area and a laundry/storage room all downstairs but for now we are pretending that they mostly don't exist. Our remodel will be focused on the upstairs really since we won't be spending much time downstairs and we will slowly work on the basement as we get time and the budget for it.

So far we have a massive list of what we want to do upstairs including a new kitchen and converting the 2nd bedroom into a dressing room. Why not right? We do have the get all new electrical and a new furnace so that's not fun but we would like our house not to burn down in the middle of the night so it's a necessity.

It hasn't really hit me yet that it's my house. As soon as we actually get into construction it may hit but I think it'll take me a few weeks of unpacking boxes to really set in.

I've already started choosing things like granite counter tops, paint colors, new configuration of the kitchen and so on. We'll go over that next time. Just be prepared for a whole lot of house reno posts for the next 6 months. It's going to be an adventure! Wish us luck.


Lisa said...

Yay!! I saw you bought a house, but I didn't know where and wanted to see pictures. So awesome--congrats! It's a beautiful house. I know you're renovating it, but it's already about ten steps above the 1970s original-everything we bought. Cannot WAIT to see the kitchen reno or pretty much any pictures. Renovations are taxing, but the end result is so rewarding. Keep the updates coming!

Jacqueline Clark said...

Congratulations!! I love it! We have a 50's home that we have made changes to as we go along. It's so rewarding and makes it more your own. You guys will love it!!