Friday, December 2, 2011

catch up

I have realized that A and I are not photo taking people. We don't document the midnight runs to Wendy's or the lazy evenings in. We don't even document important holidays.

Example A:
The only shot, and I mean only shot, of Thanksgiving.
Whoo hoo, a very ordinary place setting.

But I try not to despair and tell myself that when we have kids I will be much better. We'll see.

But I did document a 4 wheeler ride from the summer that I forgot to post...
such a fun filled day! Thanks Dad!

and then Aaron, my lil bro, and my dad came out to the Clevey to visit...
We went to the John Johnson Farm, Kirtland, around the Cleve (more importantly, to the Christmas Story house) and to Niagara Falls. That's why we look so sexy in our Maid of the Mist ponchos.
I took a total of 5 photos with my camera. Nicely done. 

Then in November we celebrated my Grandpa H's 90th bday!
Seriously, he's 90 years old. Almost a century. 9 Decades. 90 big ones. 1921 people!!!
Do you even know what this means?!
Warren G. Harding was President when he was born. (I've never heard of him either.)
He has seen 15 Presidents in his life.
Lindburg made his first flight when my Gpa was 6. 
The first "talkie" movie was released that same year.
Amelia Airhart flies across the Atlantic Ocean when he was 11.
Al Capone was running the streets of Chicago and prohibition was still in place.
He lived through the Great Depression, start to finish, on a watermelon farm in Oklahoma.
Saw WWII, the Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War start to finish.
The Indian Reorganization Act and Social Security Act, NASA was formed, Civil Rights Movement, Hawaii became the 50th state, first man to walk on the moon, Watergate, first personal computers, Oklahoma city bombing and WTC bombing, the internet, WTC terrorist attack, War on Terrorism, Hurricane Katrina...I could do this for a while but I will spare you.

Instead here are some precelebration photos...
We went to Santa Cruz for a day, ate lots of Boudin and Ming's,
and wandered around Fisherman's Wharf.

then the celebration...
family and friends came from everywhere to celebrate and boy, did we celebrate!
His 93 year old sister even came, what a sweetie.
Out of our entire family we were only missing my cousin Beri and her hubby.
It was fantastic and I think everyone cried at least once.
I pretty much cried through the entire thing because that's what I do.
Tyler sang an impromptu "Happy Birthday" that was my favorite.

I made this little ditty for the occasion, don't mind that none of us can sing on key.

Kind of a lot of stuff, I know. Thanks for bearing with me.
Catch you on the flip side.


Abby Neff said...

loved your video styles! it made me cry... not saying much because everything makes me cry these days but seriously it was so darling!

Muriel Miller said...

Love all of your pictures and your video was awesome! I'm sure that was your grandpas favorite gift! You look beautiful as always and I hope all is well!